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Coherent OTDR MW90010A

Coherent OTDR

  • Ultra-long distance reach up to 12,000 km
  • Compact and lightweight all-in-one design for on-site / on-ship portability
  • Fault detection with 10 m distance resolution
  • Wide dynamic range supporting fault detection and troubleshooting of submarine cables with repeaters at 80 km or wider intervals
  • Integrated tunable light source with high wavelength accuracy of ±0.2 nm for wavelength setting range of 1535.03 to 1565.08 nm
  • Adjustable output power from 0 to +13 dBm
  • Simple and easy touch-panel operation for easy first-time use

MW90010A Coherent OTDR (C-OTDR) is a measuring instrument for detecting faults in ultra-long optical submarine cables of up to 12,000km including multiple repeaters (EDFA). It is the ideal solution for evaluating new cables at service deployment as well as for troubleshooting in-service faults.

Items Specifications
Fiber under test
ITU-T G.653 (DSF)
Optical connector
Wavelength (Probe light)
1535.03 nm to 1565.08 nm
Wavelength accuracy
±0.2 nm (20 to 30℃)
Warm-up time
30 minutes (20 to 30℃)
Pulse width
3/10/30/60/100 µs
Optical output power
0 to +13 dBm, 0.5 dB Steps
Dynamic range (S/N=1)
>17 dB
Measurement Conditions:
  • Pulse width: 10 µs
  • Average times: 216
  • Distance range: 1000km
  • Smoothing: On
  • Ps: -57 dBm @ Pin *1
  • Pase: -20 dBm/nm @ Pin *2
  • Dead zone
    0.5 km (Pulse width: 3 µs)
    Distance range
    100 km, 500 km to 12,000 km (in 500 km steps)
    Measurement time
    15 minutes (Distance Range: 1000 km, Average times: 216)
    Dimensions and mass
    320 (W) × 177 (H) × 451 (D) nm, <17 kg

    *1: Ps: Maximum backscatter level at the input [dBm]

    *2: Pase: ASE level at the input [dBm]

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