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Field Master Pro


Frequency Range: 9 kHz to 9/14/20/26.5/32/44/54 GHz

Anritsu’s Field Master Pro MS2090A RF spectrum analyzer delivers performance never previously available in a compact, handheld instrument. With continuous frequency coverage from 9 kHz to 54 GHz, the Field Master Pro MS2090A is specifically designed to meet the challenges a full range of other wireless technologies in use today, including: 5G, wireless backhaul, aerospace/defense, satellite systems, and radar.

The Field Master Pro MS2090A delivers the highest levels of RF performance available in a handheld, touchscreen spectrum analyzer, with a displayed average noise level (DANL) of -164 dBm and Third Order Intercept (TOI) of +20 dBm (typical). This makes measurements such as spectrum clearing, radio alignment, harmonic, and distortion even more accurate than previously possible. For modulation measurements on digital systems, 100 MHz modulation bandwidth coupled with best-in-class phase noise performance maximizes measurement precision, while ±0.5 dB typical amplitude accuracy provides confidence when testing transmitter power and spurious.

Ruggedized for field use, all versions provide a comprehensive range of features to speed and simplify measurement, as well as enhance usability. RTSA spans of 20 MHz (standard) to 100 MHz (optional) provide capability for cellular interference monitoring to full ISM band signal analysis. In addition to being a full span swept tuned spectrum analyzer, all versions include a spectrogram display that helps monitor the RF spectrum for intermittent or interfering signals. Integrated channel power and occupied bandwidth measurements simplify the measuring and characterizing of common radio transmission. IQ data capture of 5G frames enables the capture and saving of IQ data for off-line processing on a PC using standard data analysis tools.

  • 9 kHz to 9/14/20/26.5/32/44/54 GHz
  • DANL: -164 dBm (with preamp)
  • TOI: +20 dBm (typical)
  • Analysis bandwidth: 100 MHz
  • Amp range: DANL to +30 dBm
  • Phase noise at 1 GHz: -110 dBc/Hz @ 100 kHz offset (typical)
  • Demodulation: 5GNR, RF, and modulation quality plus SSB signal analysis
  • Resolution bandwidth (RBW): 1 Hz to 10 MHz
  • RTSA bandwidth: 20 MHz to 100 MHz
  • Amplitude accuracy: < 14 GHz ± 1.3 dB (± 0.5 dB, typical)

Directional Antennas

2000-1411-R 824 MHz to 896 MHz, N(f), 12.3 dBi, Yagi
2000-1412-R 885 MHz to 975 MHz, N(f), 12.6 dBi, Yagi
2000-1413-R 1710 MHz to 1880 MHz, N(f), 12.3 dBi, Yagi
2000-1414-R 1850 MHz to 1990 MHz, N(f), 11.4 dBi, Yagi
2000-1415-R 2400 MHz to 2500 MHz, N(f), 14.1 dBi, Yagi
2000-1416-R 1920 MHz to 2170 MHz, N(f), 14.3 dBi, Yagi
2000-1659-R 698 MHz to 787 MHz, N(f), 10.1 dBi, Yagi
2000-1660-R 1425 MHz to 1535 MHz, N(f), 14.3 dBi, Yagi
2000-1715-R Directional Antenna, 698 MHz to 2500 MHz, N(f), gain of 2 dBi to 10 dBi, typical
2000-1726-R Antenna, 2500 MHz to 2700 MHz, N(f), 14.1 dBi, Yagi
2000-1747-R Antenna, Log Periodic, 300 MHz to 7000 MHz, N(f), 5.1 dBi, typical
2000-1748-R Antenna, Log Periodic, 1 GHz to 18 GHz, N(f), 6 dBi, typical
2000-1777-R Portable Directional Antenna, 9 kHz to 20 MHz, N(f)
2000-1778-R Portable Directional Antenna, 20 MHz to 200 MHz, N(f)
2000-1779-R Portable Directional Antenna, 200 MHz to 500 MHz, N(f)
2000-1812-R Portable Yagi Antenna, 450 MHz to 512 MHz, N(f), 7.1 dBi
2000-1825-R Portable Yagi Antenna, 380 MHz to 430 MHz, N(f), 7.1 dBi

Portable Antennas

2000-1200-R 806 MHz to 866 MHz, SMA(m), 50 Ω
2000-1473-R 870 MHz to 960 MHz, SMA(m), 50 Ω
2000-1035-R 896 MHz to 941 MHz, SMA(m), 50 Ω (1/2 wave)
2000-1030-R 1710 MHz to 1880 MHz, SMA(m), 50 Ω (1/2 wave)
2000-1474-R 1710 MHz to 1880 MHz with knuckle elbow (1/2 wave)
2000-1031-R 1850 MHz to 1990 MHz, SMA(m), 50 Ω (1/2 wave)
2000-1475-R 1920 MHz to 1980 MHz and 2110 MHz to 2170 MHz, SMA(m), 50 Ω
2000-1032-R 2400 MHz to 2500 MHz, SMA(m), 50 Ω (1/2 wave)
2000-1361-R 2400 MHz to 2500 MHz, 5000 MHz to 6000 MHz, SMA(m), 50 Ω
2000-1751-R 698 MHz to 960 MHz, 1710 MHz to 2100 MHz, 2500 MHz to 2700 MHz, SMA(m), 2 dB, typical, 50 Ω
2000-1636-R Antenna Kit (Consists of: 2000-1030-R, 2000-1031-R, 2000-1032-R, 2000-1200-R, 2000-1035-R,
2000-1361-R, and carrying pouch)

Directional Horn Antennas

2000-1867-R 17.6 GHz to 26.7 GHz, WR42, 25 dBi gain
2000-1868-R 26.4 GHz, to 40.1 GHz, WR28, 25 dBi gain
2000-1869-R 33.0 GHz to 50.1 GHz, WR22, 25 dBi gain
2000-1870-R 39.3 GHz to 59.7 GHz, WR19, 25 dBi gain

Delivering the highest levels of performance available in a handheld RF spectrum analyzer, the Field Master Pro MS2090A instrument gives field engineers and technicians unparalleled measurement accuracy previously reserved for only benchtop instruments.

  • Interference hunting and spectrum clearing networks – fast sweep speeds, low distortion front-end, and spectrogram display help deploy new network efficiently, ensuring spectrums are clear and validating that all legacy users have stopped all transmission.

  • Broadcast transmitter analysis – a comprehensive range of transmitter measurements – including: harmonic, spurious, occupied bandwidth, channel power, and adjacent channel power – ensures conformity to regulatory requirements

  • Microwave radio links – with a frequency option up to 54 GHz and exceptional sensitivity for dish alignment, power and modulation bandwidth can be verified during installation or maintenance testing with a waveguide horn antenna.

  • Satellite system monitoring – ideal for monitoring downlink signals to search for interference and noise

  • 5GNR base station measurement – validate the performance of the gNB base station with essential measurements that are in full compliance with 3GPP TS 38.104 V15, including:
    • frequency error
    • time offset
    • cell/sector ID
    • modulation quality
    • unwanted emissions
    • occupied bandwidth
    • adjacent channel leakage ratio
    • transmitter spurious to 12.75 GHz
    • EIRP
    • synchronization signal block (SSB)

  • 5G coverage mapping – receive a clear representation of the signal strength of 5G transmitters over intended geographic area by continuously measuring RF data – including 5G channel power, EIRP, or RSRP – with results graphically displayed on a digital map or building floor plan.
технические характеристики
Диапазон частот MS2090A-0709 от 9 кГц до 9 ГГц
MS2090A-0714 от 9 кГц до 14 ГГц
MS2090A-0720 от 9 кГц до 20 ГГц
MS2090A-0726 от 9 кГц до 26,5 ГГц
MS2090A-0732 от 9 кГц до 32 ГГц
MS2090A-0744 от 9 кГц до 44 ГГц
MS2090A-0754 от 9 кГц до 54 ГГц
DANL (w/предусилитель) -164 дБмВт
TOI +20 дБмВт
Полоса пропускания во время анализа 100 МГц
Демодуляция 5GNR, RF и качество модуляции плюс анализа сигнала SSB
Амплитуда от DANL до +30 дБмВт
Фазовый шум при 1 ГГц -110 дБн/Гц при смещении 100 КГц (типовой)
Разрешение по полосе пропускания (RBW) от 1 Гц до 10 МГц
SWR на входе 1,5
Точность амплитуды < 14 ГГц ±1,3 дБ (±0,5 дБ, типовая)
Полоса пропускания RTSA от 20 МГц до 100 МГц
Option Description
MS2090A-0709 9 kHz to 9 GHz
MS2090A-0714 9 kHz to 14 GHz
MS2090A-0720 9 kHz to 20 GHz
MS2090A-0726 9 kHz to 26.5 GHz
MS2090A-0732 9 kHz to 32 GHz
MS2090A-0744 9 kHz to 44 GHz
MS2090A-0754 9 kHz to 54 GHz
MS2090A-0031 GPS Receiver (Requires GPS Antenna, sold separately)
- 2000-1528-R GPS Antenna, SMA(m) with 5 m (15 ft) cable, requires 5 VDC
- 2000-1652-R GPS Antenna, SMA(m) with 0.3 m (1 ft) cable, requires 3.3 or 5 VDC
- 2000-1760-R GPS Antenna, SMA(m) with no cable, 2.5 to 3.7 VDC
MS2090A-0103 50 MHz analysis bandwidth (For MS2090A 9, 14, 20, or 26.5 GHz units only)
MS2090A-0104 100 MHz analysis bandwidth (For MS2090A 9, 14, 20, or 26.5 GHz units only)
MS2090A-0105 50 MHz analysis bandwidth (For MS2090A 32, 44, or 54 GHz units only) *
MS2090A-0106 100 MHz analysis bandwidth (For MS2090A 32, 44, or 54 GHz units only) *
MS2090A-0199 Real-time spectrum analyzer
MS2090A-0888 5G NR downlink measurements (requires Option 31)
MS2090A-xxxx-097 Accredited calibration to ISO17025 and ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 (xxxx is the frequency option number)
MS2090A-xxxx-098 Standard calibration to ISO17025 and ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 (xxxx is the frequency option number)
MS2090A-xxxx-099 Premium calibration to ISO17025 and ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 plus test data (xxxx is the frequency option number)

* These options have an ECCN code of 3A002 and are controlled items that may require an export license.

Anritsu 5G Solutions

Anritsu 5G Solutions
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5G Network I&M Testing with Anritsu

5G Network I&M Testing with Anritsu
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