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Products & Solutions

Connecting, monitoring and detecting...

Anritsu's diverse portfolio of companies enhance our personal and business lives in an infinite number of ways... from communication systems and business intelligence to the safety of our foods and pharmaceuticals.

Test and Measurement

Advanced wireless, optical, digital and IP test solutions for the equipment, handsets, modules and electronic components in communication systems.

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Components and Accessories

Anritsu created and trademarked the K and V Connectors and continues to develop innovative connector products.

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Sensing and Devices

For sensing market, superluminescent diodes (SLD) used in fiber optic gyroscopes (FOC) and optical coherence tomography (OCT), and wavelength swept light sources used in testers for axial length of the eye are supplied. High power pump LDs and gain chips for external cavity lasers, semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOA) used in fiber amps long distance transmission, and optical modulator drivers, amps, and filters used in ultra-high speed communication networks are supplied.

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Inspection and Detection

Anritsu is a global leader in product inspection and contaminant detection equipment, including X-Ray Inspection Systems, Checkweighers, and Metal Detectors. Our equipment is engineered to detect the smallest anomalies with the best operational efficiencies and the lowest cost of ownership in the global market. Simply, we deliver a level of precision, reliability and support that truly advances the quality of your products and the efficiency of your operations.


Service Assurance

Service Providers, their networks, and their customers all have unique needs. In order to meet them, a completely customized solution is required. Anritsu is the first monitoring and testing specialist to offer tailored OSS Solutions that provide business intelligence and sharpen your competitive edge.

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