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Компоненты и принадлежности

Anritsu leads in design and production of Precision Microwave Components

Anritsu created and trademarked the K and V Connectors and continues to develop innovative connector products. In addition Anritsu manufactures assemblies and components to meet specific customer requirements.

High frequency microwave connectors for use in commercial components, test fixtures, and military systems. Including Anritsu's trademarked K and V connectors.

Poor return loss can be a major source of measurement error. By selecting the correct adapter with better return loss, you eliminate this inaccuracy. Precision measurement adapters are available up to 110 GHz.

Leading in the field of impedance standards, these terminations are unsurpassed for accuracy and impedance match. Increasing measurement accuracy.

Offering a wide variety of standard/precision components as well as accessories – from batteries to calibration and verification kits – Anritsu’s offerings help meet your measurement needs and requirements.

Many discontinued models have been replaced by RoHS compliant models. Look for the –R suffix. Supporting materials are still available for most Discontinued models. Search for the replacement model, and supporting documentation.

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