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Evaluating 400GbE Transmitters

Evaluating 400 GbE Transmitters

Distance/Optical Fiber Modulation
100 m/MMF
(400 GBASE-SR16)
25Gbaud NRZ, 16ch parallel
500 m/SMF
(400 GBASE-PSM4)
100G data on each fiber
1λ 50Gbaud PAM4
2 km/SMF
(400 GBASE-FR8)
8λ WDM 25Gbaud PAM4
10 km/SMF
(400 GBASE-LR8)
8λ WDM 25Gbaud PAM4




Evaluating 400 GbE and 56G × 4 Lane Systems

By using a MUX/DEMUX supporting bit rates up to 56 Gbit/s, it is possible to evaluate 400 GbE EML and optical modules using 4ch synchronous operation now being investigated by IEEE 802.3 bs.


Confirming Skew and Crosstalk Effects

Applications using 56-Gbit/s class signals require both theoretical and practical verifications. Since the MP1800A supports pattern synchronization and has a phase tuning function, it is the ideal instrument for easy examination of Rx device skew tolerance, crosstalk effects, etc.

Confirming Skew and Crosstalk Effects


Ideal Signal Quality for EML Evaluations

With a tunable output function of up to 3.5 Vp-p, EMLs can be driven directly. The amplitude and crosspoint can be adjusted easily on the screen to shorten evaluation times and offer high-reliability evaluations.

Ideal Signal Quality for EML Evaluations


Built-in High-Sensitivity Auto-Search Function

The built-in DEMUX MP1862A Auto Search function supports auto-tuning of the Data and Clock phase difference as well as optimization of the voltage threshold value. It is possible to easy operation for optical receiver sensitivity tests.

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