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Anritsu Introduces Network Master Module to Test Gigabit Ethernet Access Network Lines

-Effective, Compact, Rugged and Easy-To-Use Test Solution Can be Used by Field Technicians During Installation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting


Anritsu Company introduces a Gigabit Ethernet module, the MU909060A1/A2/A3, for its Network Master MT9090A family. With the module installed, the MT9090A is a versatile, purpose-built solution for Gigabit Ethernet field testing that provides field engineers and technicians with a handheld instrument that can conduct comprehensive testing of Ethernet access network lines during installation, maintenance and troubleshooting.

The MT9090A provides easy bandwidth verification, connectivity testing and service availability verification. It can conduct all key field measurements, including ping testing and electrical cable diagnostics, and provides users with automated RFC 2544 and multi-stream testing options for more comprehensive analysis.

Anritsu has designed the MT9090A to meet today's field testing applications. Users can easily read and interpret information from the tested lines on the MT9090A's large, high-resolution color display with easy-to-understand colors and graphical symbols. The small size and light weight of the MT9090A make it ideal for field technicians and the instrument's Test Automator makes it a simple task to configure and operate the instrument.

The MT9090A features a flexible design that allows modules to be easily changed in the field. Users can swap different wavelength fault locator modules or perform other optical network testing, such as optical channel analysis. The design also allows a single MT9090A to meet a variety of testing applications as requirements change.

The new Gigabit Ethernet module is now available.

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