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Anritsu Introduces Low-Cost Measurement Solution for Ensuring Performance of 10GbE Transmission Equipment

New Module for MD1230B Data Quality Analyzer Cuts Conventional Cost Per Port in Half, Reduces Energy Consumption, and Allows Single Instrument to Test Up to 20 Ports


Anritsu Company introduces a 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) plug-in module, the MU120138A, for its MD1230B Data Quality Analyzer that creates a cost-effective single-instrument solution that can conduct highly accurate measurements on up to 20 10GbE ports. The introduction of the 10GbE module provides developers and manufacturers of 10GbE and 10GE-PON transmission equipment, as well as carriers using systems incorporating such equipment, with a cost-effective solution to ensure quality of service (QoS).

Capable of housing as many as five modules, a single MD1230B delivers higher port density than competitive instruments. As many as eight analyzers can be cascaded together to support large-scale 10GbE transport systems with as many as 160 ports. Integration of the MD1230B with the new 10GbE module creates a cost-effective test environment that reduces conventional cost per port by 50%. Further trimming costs is a low-power design that decreases power consumption by two thirds, which also makes the MD1230B well suited for green design and manufacturing environments.

The new 10GbE module supports QoS measurements on a mixed network with up to 255 services. It is perfect for measuring transmission quality of priority-controlled systems such as IP phones and video-on-demand (VOD) services.

Complementing the new module is the Multiflow Counter for QoS Priority Control Verification. With this function, the MD1230B can emulate real-world high-load conditions and monitor individual traffic flows under these conditions to evaluate and verify performance. Multiple applications can be supported by the Multiflow counter function, making the MD1230B well suited for assuring high-level service quality in Next-Generation Networks (NGNs).About the MD1230B Data Quality Analyzer The MD1230B was the industrys first portable Ethernet/IP network data analyzer with the dual functionality of wire-speed performance analysis and network monitoring integrated in the same instrument. Supporting bit rates from 10 Mbit/s to 10 Gbit/s, one MD1230B can perform load testing of IP/Ethernet transmission equipment as well as IP network monitoring. The plug-in modular design allows easy and cost-effective customization matching the measurement application.

The introduction of the 10GbE module reaffirms Anritsus commitment to the optical test market. In addition to the MD1230B, Anritsu offers the MP1590B Network Performance Tester and MP1800 Signal Quality Analyzer (SQA). Anritsu offers the widest portfolio of test instrument solutions for applications ranging from 10 Gbps to 100 Gbps.

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