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Spectrum Analysis Series - Spectrum Analysis Fundamentals



This webinar covers key spectrum analyzer concepts, architecture, behaviors, and applications. Critical specifications and how those specifications actually impact measurement capabilities will be discussed. Certain optional spectrum analyzer features, like tracking generators, zero span, gated sweep, and signal analysis will be further explored.

Who Should Attend

Mobile operators; fixed-line operators with focus on transport and transmission divisions, network and architecture planning, and network engineering and operations. Also, equipment vendors, chip and component vendors, test and measurement vendors, telecom financial community and industry press.

Key Topics for Discussion

  • Signaling basics
  • Swept or Superheterodyne spectrum analyzer architecture, advantages, and disadvantages
  • FFT spectrum analyzer architecture, advantages, and disadvantages
  • Real-Time spectrum analysis architecture, advantages, and disadvantages
  • Key spectrum analyzer specifications and what they mean in practical terms
  • Optional functionality (tracking generator, zero span, and signal analysis) architecture and capabilities