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High Frequency Measurement Trends for Coaxial Connectors


Time and duration: 

8:00a PT / 11:00a ET


Trends by definition are a general direction in which something develops or changes the nature of how something is accomplished. Trends like IoT, 5G, and cloud services are fundamentally changing communication. When coupled with the inevitability of Moore’s law, these trends are mandating higher and higher frequency coverage as requirements for communication bandwidths increases. These trends are having a significant impact in the field is the coaxial connectors. This webinar will provide a look at trends for coaxial connectors including the trend drivers, effect on standards associations like IEEE and IEC, electrical and environmental specifications and what the future will look like for coaxial connectors.

What you will learn:

  • What the drivers are for coaxial connector trends
  • How does IEEE and IEC play into the big picture
  • The affect that these trends have on specification requirements
  • What the future can look like for coaxial connectors
  • Who should attend: This webinar is ideal for: R&D/manufacturing/optical/electro-optical engineers; engineering managers; 5G/mmWave product manufacturers; aerospace and defense manufacturers; test and equipment manufacturers; component vendors; and networking OEMs in need of components that provide broadband frequency scalability for device characterization or flexibility for measurements up and past 145 GHz on a coaxial connector.

Charles Tumbaga

Charles Tumbaga is currently a Product Marketing Engineer at Anritsu Company. He currently oversees the Components product line, and previously was the PME for the Synthesizers and ShockLine VNA product line.  Prior to joining Anritsu, Charles held various roles in manufacturing engineering. Charles earned his EE degree from San Jose State University.