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The 5G Evolution of Indoor Wireless Networks for Smart Building and Manufacturing Facilities


Time and duration: 

11:30a ET / 8:30a PT – Duration: 1 hour


As the world transitions to 5G, in-building network and building contractors will be faced with a myriad of issues to ensure coverage mapping.  Network architectures will change, frequency bands will be added, and new network features will be introduced.  The challenge will be managing these complex networks to ensure coverage for both the enterprise as well as the public safety networks.  In this webinar, we examine how the in-building networks will change and also the challenges in coverage mapping introduced by these changes.

What you will learn:

  • The transition to 5G: How fast and how extensive will it be?
  • What the introduction of 5G means to current 4G networks
  • New features enabled by 5G that are forecasted to be business critical
  • Technical challenges for in-building coverage mapping that 5G will bring, and solutions to these challenges
  • Who should attend: This webinar is ideal for network contractors, building contractors, Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs), and anyone else responsible for in-building coverage mapping to ensure network performance for both commercial and public safety networks.

Roger Paje, Sr. Product Manager

Roger Paje is a Sr. Product Manager at Anritsu Company, in charge of multiple product lines. He has been in test and measurement for over 8 years, mostly in the fronthaul architecture and CPRI area. Prior to Anritsu, his experience includes working extensively with both telecom operators and network equipment manufacturers on RF over fiber technology, signal processing and network performance testing.