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Validating the Performance of Cellular Networks with CPRI Fiber Interfaces Between Ground Level Baseband Units and Tower Mounted Radios

2016/02/04, On Demand

With the rapid roll-out of tower mounted radios and deployment of C-RAN network architectures, new installation and maintenance methods have to be developed to reduce installation and maintenance costs. The use of costly tower climbing crews needs to be minimized, which has resulted in new ground based test methods for these radios. This webinar will look at practical procedures for using the CPRI link to troubleshoot interference issues that are the most common cause of reduced cell site performance.

What you will learn

  • How to troubleshoot remote radio interference issues using the CPRI link and determine if a tower crew should be called out.
  • The most common causes of poor performance.
  • Best practice fault-finding methodology.

Who should attend

Managers of installation and maintenance teams that deploy Remote Radio Heads (RRH) and BaseBand Units (BBU) with a CPRI interconnect and C-RAN networks.

Presented by

Emilio Franchy, Product Manager, Anritsu