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Configuring IC-CAP 2018 for VectorStar Operation

This document outlines the procedure for configuring the IC-CAP 2018 software to add a VectorStar system to the hardware instrument list. P/N: 11410-01136

Application Note pdf 120.8 KB Version: A 11/07/2019

Backhaul Requirements for Anritsu Remote Spectrum Monitors Use for RF Signal Tracking Applications

There are various methods for geo-locating an RF signal of interest. Primary alternatives include Power of Arrival (POA), Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA), and Angle of Arrival (AOA). In most situations where modulated signal bandwidths are greater than 25 kHz, TDOA provides the best accuracy. This application note focuses on the use of TDOA as a means for tracking a signal. P/N: 11410-01133

Application Note pdf 689.8 KB Version: A 10/07/2019

Monitoring Interference in the 2.4 GHz ISM Band with a Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer Application Note

With so many active devices in circulation, it is important to be able to monitor the spectrum in any given location to understand what user experience can be expected. This application note highlights the power of an RTSA spectrum analyzer for detailed analysis of crowded areas of spectrum. P/N: 11410-01137

Application Note pdf 934.1 KB Version: A 09/07/2019

Generating Eye Diagrams in VectorStar VNAs Including PAM-4

This important display allows design engineers to observe the likelihood of bit errors due to level compression, jitter, slew and edge distortion as well as other effects. P/N: 11410-00919

Application Note pdf 1.6 MB Version: B 21/06/2019

Mobile Fronthaul Test - CPRI/OBSAI Testing

The Network Master Pro MT1000A and the Network Master Flex MT1100A Mobile Fronthaul test functions support comprehensive testing and analysis of CPRI and OBSAI technologies. The MT1000A and MT1100A can identify problems in the Mobile Fronthaul rapidly, solve issues quickly, reduce system downtime and customer churn, and cut operating costs for mobile operators.

Application Note pdf 1.2 MB 18/06/2019

The Importance of Testing 600 and 1900 MHz Receiver Channels When Installing 600 MHz LTE Base Stations Application Note

To ensure good network performance, operators and technicians must verify PIM performance at both the 600 and 1900 MHz uplink frequencies when transmitting two 600 MHz tones. Testing outlined in this document shows that mitigating PIM issue on 600 MHz band does not guarantee the same for the 1900 MHz band. Testing PIM at both frequency bands is imperative in order to mitigate PIM issues in the field. P/N: 11410-01125

Application Note pdf 1.5 MB Version: A 14/05/2019

Proving 5G: How OTA Testing Helps Enable a New Mobile Era

RF technologies are reaching into ever more areas of our lives and the RF spectrum at all frequencies is becoming more crowded. In addition to the spectrum demands of cellular systems sub-6 GHz for mobile applications, 5G radios are now being deployed at 28 GHz and 39 GHz. 5G radios are implementing new technologies including Active Antenna Systems that use beamforming to maximize range and efficiency. This is forcing changes to the way networks are tested, including a move toward over-the-air testing and use of test model waveforms. This eBrief will discuss how 5G Radios can be tested in a field environment and what measurements are important to ensure smooth integration with legacy networks. P/N: 11410-01130

Application Note pdf 6.2 MB Version: A 30/04/2019

5G NR Sub-6 GHz Measurement Methods

5G mobile communications systems use multiple connections to meet the need for increases in mobile data traffic volumes as well as new functions such as ultra-low-latency. 3GPP determining the standards released the 5G NR non-standalone (NSA) specifications for making connections via multiple radio technologies, such as LTE, in Release 15 in June 2018. Release 15 presumes the use of frequency bands up to 52.6 GHz and specifies the band from 450 MHz to 6 GHz as FR1 (Frequency Range 1), and from 24.25 GHz to 52.6 GHz as FR2 (Frequency Range 2). FR1 assumes use of the same wired tests as conventional wireless technologies whereas FR2 assumes OTA (Over the Air) testing. This application note references the 3GPP TS38.104 and TS38.141 Conformance Test specifications, and introduces TRx test measurement examples for wired connections with sub-6 GHz base stations covering FR1 using the Signal Analyzer MS2850A and Vector Signal Generator MG3710A.

Application Note pdf 1.6 MB 18/04/2019

Coverage Mapping with Anritsu's Field Master Pro MS2090A and NEON Signal Mapper MA8100A Solutions

Anritsu's Field Master Pro MS2090A spectrum analyzer and NEON Signal Mapper MA8100A are the ideal solution for anyone conducting coverage testing of RF and microwave communications systems, including 5G systems operating in both FR1 (<6 GHz) and FR2 (>6 GHz) bands and testing of indoor DAS systems. P/N: 11410-01123

Application Note pdf 2.3 MB Version: A 26/03/2019

Distinction Between TRL and LRL

Although the TRL family of calibration algorithms have been around for over 40 years, there are still questions sometimes regarding differences between the family members. This is partially due to differences in various implementations over the years. The purpose of this document is to discuss some of the differences in the context of vector network analyzers (VNAs). P/N: 11410-01124

Application Note pdf 271.3 KB Version: A 26/03/2019

On-wafer Device Characterization Measurement Challenges Application Brief

This two page brief shows the challenges of today, and features the benefits of using VectorStar as a solution. P/N: 11410-00689

Application Note pdf 743.8 KB Version: C 19/03/2019

1914.3 (RoE), eCPRI Testing to O-RAN

This Application Note focuses on the xRAN (implemented in O-RAN) network requirements and how to test them.

Application Note pdf 906.1 KB 06/03/2019

Automotive Radar Testing Application Note

This application note reviews frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) signal basics, discusses measurement challenges and solutions, and shows how the Spectrum Master MS2760A Ultraportable Spectrum Analyzer can conduct basic FMCW radar testing. P/N: 11410-01095

Application Note pdf 3.2 MB Version: A 18/12/2018

Radio Frequency Coverage Mapping Application Note

The ideal combination for indoor and outdoor, multi-frequency radio coverage mapping measurements. This application note explains how to build and use a radio frequency coverage mapping test system utilizing Anritsu's Remote Spectrum Monitor MS27101A, Vision MX280001A software, and NEON Signal Mapper MA8100A solutions. P/N: 11410-01096

Application Note pdf 1.8 MB Version: B 05/12/2018

Performing Differential Noise Figure Measurements Application Note

In recent years, numerous improvements have been made in noise figure measurements through better algorithmic understanding of the measurements (e.g., [1]-[6]), more sensitive receivers, and less error-prone methods of processing noise power measurements. Anritsu has incorporated a number of these improvements in the single-ended Noise Figure Measurement Option of the VectorStar vector network analyzer (VNA) platform. This application note offers insights in to and examples of performing differential noise figure measurements. P/N: 11410-01094

Application Note pdf 2.8 MB Version: A 04/12/2018

Technique for Improving Low Insertion Loss VNA Measurements Application Note

Vector network analyzers (VNAs) are used to measure the performance of a wide variety of passive and active RF and microwave devices. Passive devices can be less demanding to test than active devices, thus requiring less performance from the VNA. However, one interesting exception to this is the measurement of very low insertion loss passive components such as precision adapters or airlines. These types of devices can present a difficult challenge to characterize because of the desire for very low uncertainties on these small insertion losses. This application note talks about these challenges and provides a helpful technique. P/N: 11410-01090

Application Note pdf 975.1 KB Version: A 25/09/2018

How to Make PIM over CPRI Measurements With a BTS Master MT8220T Base Station Analyzer Application Note

PIM over CPRI is Anritsu's new patented technology that enables users to make PIM measurements on a live system at ground level by monitoring regular LTE traffic carried by an optical fiber connection. By tapping into the CPRI data on the downlink and uplink between the remote radio head (RRH) and baseband unit (BBU), the BTS Master MT8220T base station analyzer can calculate the PIM desensitization of the LTE uplink. P/N: 11410-01078

Application Note pdf 3.0 MB Version: A 21/08/2018

1914.3 (RoE) and eCPRI Transport Testing

This document describes the configuration and characteristics of the 5G mobile network and its measurement.

Application Note pdf 585.9 KB 17/07/2018

PCI-Express Generation 4 RX Test Solution

This article outlines Anritsu’s PCI-Express Gen4 RX Test Solution, test procedures, and precautions.

Application Note pdf 2.0 MB 13/06/2018

Best Practical Jitter Tolerance Testing with MP1900A

The recent improvement to semiconductor device performance has seen bit rates of 28 Gbps become commonplace. As a result, accurate evaluation of device characteristics requires testing by injecting multiple types of jitter on the device under test (DUT). This Application Note explains each type of jitter, gives some guidance about measurements for complex jitter tests, and describes some concrete examples of jitter tolerance measurements using the Anritsu MP1900A.

Application Note pdf 1.1 MB 17/04/2018

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Signal Quality Analyzer -R Control Software

It is an installer to install the Signal Quality Analyzer-R Control Software.
Installer for the latest version.

MD5 : ed5814d36045667ecf74d006ddae4c7f

Drivers, Software Downloads zip 246.5 MB Version: 3.08.16 16/07/2019

MX183000A High-Speed Serial Data Test Software

It is an installer to install the MX183000A High-Speed Serial Data Test Software.
Installer for the latest version.

MD5 : caf0a2489268a892a432d9418bc2bb4a

Drivers, Software Downloads zip 64.8 MB Version: 3.08.05 16/07/2019

Signal Generator Patterns for LMR Master S412E

Signal Generator Patterns for P25, P25 P2, DMR2, NXDN, PTC, NBFM, and TETRA modes.

Drivers, Software Downloads zip 189.1 MB Version: 1.11 10/07/2019

LMR Patterns history

History of the changes made to the LMR Patters file. Read this document to discover what patterns were added and when they were added.

Drivers, Software Downloads pdf 90.9 KB Version: 1.11 10/07/2019

Advanced Time Domain ADK Software

Advanced Signal Integrity Design Kits (or, ADK) is a collection of many signal integrity utility tools. It is designed to pre- and post-process signal integrity (SI) simulation and measurement data in an easy-to-use, mobile-apps-like package. It helps SI engineers identify and correct errors and correlate between simulation and measurement within a few mouse clicks. A system's design cycle time is greatly improved as a result. ADK software is required for the Advanced Time Domain (option 22). Option 22 is a licensed option available on MS4652xB VNAs. For purchase and installation information, please contact Anritsu.

Drivers, Software Downloads exe 51.9 MB Version: 2019.05.14 09/07/2019

Advanced Time Domain ADK Software User Guide

This user guide walks you through the ADK software utility. The ADK software is required for Advanced Time Domain (option 22), which is a licensed option available on the MS46522B and MS46524B VNAs.

Drivers, Software Downloads pdf 3.7 MB Version: 2019.05.14 09/07/2019

ADK Dongle Driver

This driver will support a removable dongle for Advance Time Domain (Option 22). Installed the driver prior to installing Advanced Time Domain ADK Software.

Drivers, Software Downloads exe 18.1 MB Version: 7.92 09/07/2019

Vision Software MX280001A

The Vision software platform works with Anritsu's spectrum monitoring hardware to automate the process of collecting measurement data, providing useful information about network health and use of the spectrum. Applications for Vision include accumulating historical spectral data to inform spectrum policy, satellite reception interference detection and monitoring for illegal use of spectrum. Once an interference signal is identified, Vision uses various algorithms to geo-locate the position of the signal of interest.

Drivers, Software Downloads msi 297.0 MB Version: 2019.6.1 28/06/2019

Vision Software MX280001A Release History

Release History.

Drivers, Software Downloads htm 24.7 KB Version: 2019.6.1 28/06/2019

Field Master Pro Software

This firmware contains the latest updates and features for your instrument. Download the file to a USB storage device, plug the device into the instrument, and update the software from the system information page.

Drivers, Software Downloads rau 253.2 MB Version: V2019.6.1 28/06/2019

Release History for the Field Master Pro Software

Release history for the Field Master Pro software which works with Field Master Pro MS2090A.

Drivers, Software Downloads pdf 109.8 KB Version: 2019.6.1 28/06/2019

MU887000A Platform Installer

Installer for MU887000A platform.
MD5 : 706fddf3236530af6a70cf88cbec216c

Drivers, Software Downloads zip 60.1 MB Version: 02.10.43 27/06/2019

CombiView Installer

This file includes following installer.
 ・MX880050A CombiViewManager
 ・MX880051A Celllular applet
 ・MX880052A SRW applet
 ・MX880053A FMAudio applet
 ・MX880054A VSG applet
 ・MX880055A SmallCell applet
 ・MX880056A IEEE802.15.4 applet
 ・MX880057A ZWAVE applet
MD5 : a0aac50953b07423fe28afca7e1d51b8

Drivers, Software Downloads zip 401.6 MB Version: 01.12.09 27/06/2019

Cellular Waveforms

This file includes following waveforms.
 ・MV887011A W-CDMA/HSPA Downlink Waveforms
 ・MV887012A GSM/EDGE Downlink Waveforms
 ・MV887013A LTE FDD Downlink Waveforms
 ・MV887014A LTE TDD Downlink Waveforms
 ・MV887015A CDMA2000 Forward Link Waveforms
 ・MV887016A 1xEV-DO Forward Link Waveforms
 ・MV887017A TD-SCDMA Downlink Waveforms
 ・MV887018A NR FDD sub-6GHz Downlink Waveforms
 ・MV887019A NR TDD sub-6GHz Downlink Waveforms
 ・MV887065A Category M FDD Downlink Waveforms
 ・MV887067A NB-IoT Downlink Waveforms
Waveform files are double compressed. If you decompress the .zip file, you can get .exe file. So, please double-click the .exe file to get decompressed file. v02.00.00 or later version of waveforms can use on platform v02.04.11 or later version.
MD5 : 7fe025be1be091d98f43ac5193b321fe

Drivers, Software Downloads zip 951.0 MB Version: 02.04.00 27/06/2019

GNSS&FMRDS Waveforms

This file includes following waveforms.
 ・MV887070A FM RDS Waveforms
 ・MV887100A GPS Waveforms
 ・MV887101A Galileo Waveforms
 ・MV887102A GLONASS Waveforms
 ・MV887103A BeiDou Waveforms
Waveform files are double compressed. If you decompress the .zip file, you can get .exe file. So, please double-click the .exe file to get decompressed file.
MD5: f538a969d6c6373fda7061289b39cc4c

Drivers, Software Downloads zip 26.0 MB Version: 02.00.02 27/06/2019

Software for MT1000A with MU100011A

Software of MT1000A.
Use it when using the 100G Multirate Module MU100011A.
It supports operation with the following modules.

・ MU100011A 100G Multirate Module
・ MU100010A 10G Multirate Module
・ MU100020A OTDR Module
・ MU100021A OTDR Module
・ MU100022A OTDR Module
・ MU100040A/B CPRI RF Module
・ MU100090A High-Accuracy GPS Disciplined Oscillator

The file size is large, so download after checking your bandwidth.

MD5 : 6af014aa878cc83b2fc9ff0d9a1d4d98

Drivers, Software Downloads zip 791.9 MB Version: 9.10 18/06/2019


Software of MT1000A.
Use it when NOT using the 100G Multirate Module MU100011A.
It supports operation with the following modules.

・ MU100010A 10G Multirate Module
・ MU100020A OTDR Module
・ MU100021A OTDR Module
・ MU100022A OTDR Module
・ MU100040A/B CPRI RF Module
・ MU100090A High-Accuracy GPS Disciplined Oscillator

The file size is large, so download after checking your bandwidth.

MD5 : bc46adf6a8b54cd71ce0f5f4d55df537

Drivers, Software Downloads zip 458.3 MB Version: 9.10 18/06/2019

MX100001A windows control software

MX100001A windows control software.

MD5 : f74124c4e03406c73d5ebba4762df081

Drivers, Software Downloads zip 67.3 MB Version: 9.10 18/06/2019


Software of MT1100A.

MD5 : 65fed17a37e5d6b9e1d63c143358c4e3

Drivers, Software Downloads zip 691.5 MB Version: 9.10 18/06/2019

MX100001A windows control software

MX100001A windows control software.

MD5 : f74124c4e03406c73d5ebba4762df081

Drivers, Software Downloads zip 67.3 MB Version: 9.10 18/06/2019

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