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Accessing 43.5 GHz Measurements with Traceability Application Note

This application note will explore: application drivers for 43.5 GHz development; connector fundamentals; what traceability is and why it is important; connectors for 43.5 GHz applications; and finally, current solutions on the market that can address 43.5 GHz operation with traceability. P/N: 11410-01165

Application Note pdf 515.1 KB Version: A 11/02/2020

Performing Sequential Peeling Extraction and De-Embedding with an Anritsu ShockLine Vector Network Analyzer Application Note

Sequential peeling is a network extraction tool used for identifying and removing subsets of a structure that behave as localized pseudo-lumped-element reflection centers. It is particularly useful for electrically small structures with runs of transmission line, such as PC boards with isolated vias in the transmission lines. This application note will examine some of the steps in the sequential peeling process. P/N: 11410-01166

Application Note pdf 636.5 KB Version: A 04/02/2020

Generating an .s2p File for a 220 GHz Probe with the VectorStar ME7838G Vector Network Analyzer Application Note

The VectorStar ME7838G is a broadband system providing coverage to 220 GHz. Performing power calibrations across the entire sweep range will require multiple sensors and multiple adapters. After the power calibration and de-embedding of the adapters, the reference plane needs to be positioned at the tip of the probe for optimum performance. Relocation of the reference plane requires embedding of the probe using the .s2p file. This application note describes how to update the .s2p file of the probe as wear of the probe becomes a concern. P/N: 11410-01163

Application Note pdf 484.4 KB Version: A 28/01/2020

User Power Calibrations with the VectorStar ME7838G Vector Network Analyzer Application Note

This application note addresses how power sensors are combined to cover the wide bandwidths, and how adapters and probes can be de-embedded and embedded to move the power reference plane as close as possible to the DUT. P/N: 11410-01156

Application Note pdf 589.2 KB Version: A 28/01/2020

Electro-Optical Measurements Using Anritsu VNAs

This paper presents an accurate, flexible and cost-effective technique to conduct electro-optical testing on fiber optic components, such as laser modulators and photodiodes, using VNAs. The simplicity of Anritsu’s MN4765B O/E calibration modules allows highly accurate, vector-error-corrected and stable measurements with the full line of Anritsu VNAs. P/N: 11410-01034

Application Note pdf 343.8 KB Version: C 24/01/2020

Making EIRP Measurements on 5G Base Stations Application Note

The introduction of active antenna systems on 5G base stations requires engineers installing and maintaining them to use alternative measurement methods, such as effective isotropic radiated power (EIRP) for transmitter power and beam verification. This application note highlights how the Field Master Pro facilitates the "over-the-air" (OTA) measurement of EIRP on active base stations using an accessory dual polarized waveguide antenna. P/N: 11410-01160

Application Note pdf 3.8 MB Version: A 22/01/2020

Remote Control of Anritsu's MA24400A USB Peak Power Sensor Series Application Note

By utilizing a standard Ethernet- or Wi-Fi-to-USB sharing device, the Anritsu MA24400A USB Peak Power Sensor series offers the flexibility for remote connectivity over a corporate network. The USB power sensor can be conveniently controlled and monitored from a host PC. P/N: 11410-01159

Application Note pdf 1.1 MB Version: A 07/01/2020

Factors in Choosing a VNA for Microwave Applications in Manufacturing Application Note

Many microwave test applications do not need the level of performance provided by an expensive, high-end VNA. This is particularly true in production, where testing is typically not as rigorous as in device characterization and cost-of-test is critical. VNAs integrated into manufacturing test systems where S-parameter measurements represent only a part of the test list, may also require only moderate performance. This application note will examine these requirements and how they factor in to deciding which VNA is appropriate for a production environment. PN: 11410-01158

Application Note pdf 1.5 MB Version: A 11/12/2019

Testing PTC ACSES Deployments to Meet Mandated Implementation Standards Application Note

PTC ACSES is an important addition and mandate for rail safety that will prevent train-to-train collisions, protect against speeding, and enforce speed restrictions. With the Congressional mandate to have PTC ACSES systems fully compliant and functional by December 31, 2020, it is important for railways to perform tests to ensure their deployments meet all requirements. P/N: 11410-01157

Application Note pdf 1.6 MB Version: A 03/12/2019

E-Band Based Car Radar Emblem Measurements Application Note

Automotive radar systems must operate in complex and dynamic environments where interactions with the host vehicle and its surroundings can have a significant impact on their performance. In particular, the material properties of the vehicle bumpers and location of the radar behind or within the bumper can impact performance. This application note will provide insight into the theory of frequency-modulated continuous wave (FMCW) car radars, their application, and their placement in a car chassis. It will also discuss how various types of dielectric material in front of the radar antennas (e.g., antenna dome or color-coated bumper) influences the radar’s performance. This document will describe a way to characterize the 2D insertion loss of flat material slabs and logo emblems that are used today to cover the car radar sensors, and will present 2D measurements of the dielectric properties of such materials. P/N: 11410-01152

Application Note pdf 2.5 MB Version: A 19/11/2019

Combining On-Wafer Vector Network Analyzer and Spectrum Analyzer Measurements to 110 GHz Application Note

Performing on-wafer measurements presents a unique set of challenges. Achieving accurate on-wafer measurements requires careful planning of installation, calibration, and measurement configuration. Often, multiple parameters must be included in the overall analysis. This application note describes how S-parameters and spectrum analysis can be monitored simultaneously from 70 kHz to 110 GHz using a combination of the VectorStar ME7838A broadband system, the Spectrum Master MS2760A ultraportable spectrum analyzer, and the Anritsu MN25110A W1 coaxial precision directional coupler. P/N: 11410-01147

Application Note pdf 3.1 MB Version: A 05/11/2019

Spectrum Clearing and Geo-Locating Legacy Signals

To meet demand for additional bandwidth for cellular and broadcast operations, national regulators are reallocating spectrum previously used for other applications. Before a new network can be rolled out within these frequencies, it is critical for the new license owner to confirm that all legacy users have terminated their transmissions. P/N: 11410-01154

Application Note pdf 4.2 MB Version: A 15/10/2019

Measuring mmWave Spectrum using External Mixer

This Application Note explains issues in millimeter wave band measurements, and a new measurement method proposed by Anritsu.

Application Note pdf 2.0 MB 27/08/2019

Configuring IC-CAP 2018 for VectorStar Operation

This document outlines the procedure for configuring the IC-CAP 2018 software to add a VectorStar system to the hardware instrument list. P/N: 11410-01136

Application Note pdf 116.0 KB Version: A 27/08/2019

5G NR Sub-6 GHz Measurement Methods

5G mobile communications systems use multiple connections to meet the need for increases in mobile data traffic volumes as well as new functions such as ultra-low-latency. 3GPP determining the standards released the 5G NR non-standalone (NSA) specifications for making connections via multiple radio technologies, such as LTE, in Release 15 in June 2018. Release 15 presumes the use of frequency bands up to 52.6 GHz and specifies the band from 450 MHz to 6 GHz as FR1 (Frequency Range 1), and from 24.25 GHz to 52.6 GHz as FR2 (Frequency Range 2). FR1 assumes use of the same wired tests as conventional wireless technologies whereas FR2 assumes OTA (Over the Air) testing. This application note references the 3GPP TS38.104 and TS38.141 Conformance Test specifications, and introduces TRx test measurement examples for wired connections with sub-6 GHz base stations covering FR1 using the Signal Analyzer MS2850A and Vector Signal Generator MG3710A.

Application Note pdf 1.7 MB 21/08/2019

Consider Source Harmonics When Characterizing Filters with VNAs

This application note discusses how high source harmonics may interact with the out-of-band comeback characteristics of a filter under test to affect the filter transmission measurement. P/N: 11410-01142

Application Note pdf 6.1 MB Version: A 13/08/2019

Practical Uses for a Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer in 5G, LTE, and Wi-Fi Spectrum Monitoring

The measurement fundamental to all spectrum analyzers is their ability to measure power inside a given bandwidth at a particular frequency and to display those measurements across a frequency span. Over time, various features beyond simple power measurements were added to provide additional visibility into signal behavior. P/N: 11410-01141

Application Note pdf 1.7 MB Version: A 05/08/2019

Backhaul Requirements for Anritsu Remote Spectrum Monitors Use for RF Signal Tracking Applications

There are various methods for geo-locating an RF signal of interest. Primary alternatives include Power of Arrival (POA), Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA), and Angle of Arrival (AOA). In most situations where modulated signal bandwidths are greater than 25 kHz, TDOA provides the best accuracy. This application note focuses on the use of TDOA as a means for tracking a signal. P/N: 11410-01133

Application Note pdf 689.8 KB Version: A 10/07/2019

Monitoring Interference in the 2.4 GHz ISM Band with a Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer Application Note

With so many active devices in circulation, it is important to be able to monitor the spectrum in any given location to understand what user experience can be expected. This application note highlights the power of an RTSA spectrum analyzer for detailed analysis of crowded areas of spectrum. P/N: 11410-01137

Application Note pdf 934.1 KB Version: A 09/07/2019

Generating Eye Diagrams in VectorStar VNAs Including PAM-4

This important display allows design engineers to observe the likelihood of bit errors due to level compression, jitter, slew and edge distortion as well as other effects. P/N: 11410-00919

Application Note pdf 1.6 MB Version: B 21/06/2019

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Firmware Update for the LMR Master S412E

This firmware update contains the latest upgrades for your instrument. Installation instructions are included in the download.

Drivers, Software Downloads exe 50.1 MB Version: 3.80 14/02/2020

LMR Master S412E Firmware Release History

Firmware release history for the LMR Master S412E.

Drivers, Software Downloads pdf 592.8 KB Version: 3.80 14/02/2020

Firmware Update for the Spectrum Master MS2720T

This firmware update contains the latest upgrades for your instrument. Once downloaded, run the file on your computer to see the installation instructions.

Drivers, Software Downloads exe 42.9 MB Version: 3.80 13/02/2020

Firmware Revision History for the MS2720T

Complete firmware release history for the MS2720T Spectrum Master Handheld Spectrum Analyzer.

Drivers, Software Downloads pdf 385.7 KB Version: 3.80 13/02/2020

Site Master S331P Software

This software features the latest upgrades for your instrument. Once downloaded, run the file on your computer to see installation instructions.

Drivers, Software Downloads exe 265.2 MB Version: 2020.2.1 12/02/2020

Site Master S331P Software Revision History

Software release history for the S331P Site Master Ultraportable Cable and Antenna Analyzer.

Drivers, Software Downloads pdf 146.0 KB Version: 2020.2.1 12/02/2020

Firmware Update for the Site Master S33xE

This firmware update contains the latest upgrades for your instrument. Once downloaded, run the file on your computer to see the installation instructions.

Drivers, Software Downloads exe 62.0 MB Version: 3.80 12/02/2020

Firmware Update for the Site Master S36xE

This firmware update contains the latest upgrades for your instrument. Once downloaded, run the file on your computer to see the installation instructions.

Drivers, Software Downloads exe 62.0 MB Version: 3.80 12/02/2020

Firmware Revision History for the S33xE and S36xE

Firmware release history for the Site Master S331E, S332E, S361E, and S362E Cable and Antenna Analyzers.

Drivers, Software Downloads pdf 642.7 KB Version: 3.80 12/02/2020

ShockLine VNA Software

Download the latest software for the ShockLine VNA family. This software works with the B series: MS46121B, MS46122B, MS46322B, MS46522B and MS46524B, and the A series: MS46121A, MS46122A, MS46131A, and MS46322A. Note: This installation may require your host to be re-booted to support updates to existing drivers. This installation will require the insertion of services and drivers to your host. Please turn off all Web and Host Virus Detection Applications before starting the installation. Upon completion of the installation turn on your virus Detection Applications to their previous state.

Drivers, Software Downloads exe 235.0 MB Version: v2019.12.3 10/02/2020

Software Release Note for the ShockLine VNAs

Software release note for the MS46121B, MS46122B, MS46322B, MS46522B, and MS46524B ShockLine family of Vector Network Analyzers.

Drivers, Software Downloads pdf 142.3 KB Version: v2019.12.3 10/02/2020

CombiView Installer

This file includes following installer.
 ・MX880050A CombiViewManager
 ・MX880051A Celllular applet
 ・MX880052A SRW applet
 ・MX880053A FMAudio applet
 ・MX880054A VSG applet
 ・MX880055A SmallCell applet
 ・MX880056A IEEE802.15.4 applet
 ・MX880057A ZWAVE applet
MD5 : 9eefe8e59e71d1c431f51a0eea636dad

Drivers, Software Downloads zip 401.6 MB Version: 01.13.01 28/01/2020

Cellular Waveforms

This file includes following waveforms.
 ・MV887011A W-CDMA/HSPA Downlink Waveforms
 ・MV887012A GSM/EDGE Downlink Waveforms
 ・MV887013A LTE FDD Downlink Waveforms
 ・MV887014A LTE TDD Downlink Waveforms
 ・MV887015A CDMA2000 Forward Link Waveforms
 ・MV887016A 1xEV-DO Forward Link Waveforms
 ・MV887017A TD-SCDMA Downlink Waveforms
 ・MV887018A NR FDD sub-6GHz Downlink Waveforms
 ・MV887019A NR TDD sub-6GHz Downlink Waveforms
 ・MV887065A Category M FDD Downlink Waveforms
 ・MV887067A NB-IoT Downlink Waveforms
 ・MV887068A LTE-V2X Waveforms
Waveform files are double compressed. If you decompress the .zip file, you can get .exe file. So, please double-click the .exe file to get decompressed file. v02.00.00 or later version of waveforms can use on platform v02.04.11 or later version.
MD5 : 1effbe198bd50d30e01309dbf15448d4

Drivers, Software Downloads zip 952.0 MB Version: 02.05.00 28/01/2020

MU887000A Platform Installer

Installer for MU887000A platform.
MD5 : a66bf7b94ef9a6a39e6321021143e7c1

Drivers, Software Downloads zip 60.8 MB Version: 02.11.05 28/01/2020

Mobile InterferenceHunter MX280007A Software

This stand-alone installer will install InterferenceHunter on your Windows tablet or laptop. If your system does not have NI-VISA Runtime, NI-VISA Runtime will also need to be installed. NI-Visa Runtime is required to operate the MX280007A Software.

If you are upgrading your system with a new version of the MX280007A Software, the previous copy will be overwritten by the latest revision. License files and any maps previously downloaded will not be affected.

Drivers, Software Downloads msi 197.7 MB Version: 2020.1.1 28/01/2020

Mobile InterferenceHunter Software MX280007A Release History

This release history document provides the updates and enhancements in each version release of the Mobile InterferenceHunter Software MX280007A.

Drivers, Software Downloads pdf 185.4 KB Version: 2020.1.1 28/01/2020

IVI-C Installation Files

IVI-C installer for Windows 7, 8 and 10 operating systems. Compatible with ShockLine software.

Drivers, Software Downloads exe 100.2 MB Version: v2019.12.1 21/01/2020

Release Note for IVI-C Driver

Release history for the IVI-C installer for Windows 7, 8 and 10 operating systems. Compatible with ShockLine software.

Drivers, Software Downloads pdf 148.7 KB Version: v2019.12.1 21/01/2020

Vision Software MX280001A

The Vision software platform works with Anritsu's spectrum monitoring hardware to automate the process of collecting measurement data, providing useful information about network health and use of the spectrum. Applications for Vision include accumulating historical spectral data to inform spectrum policy, satellite reception interference detection and monitoring for illegal use of spectrum. Once an interference signal is identified, Vision uses various algorithms to geo-locate the position of the signal of interest.

Drivers, Software Downloads msi 280.8 MB Version: 2020.1.1 21/01/2020

Vision Software MX280001A Release History

Release History.

Drivers, Software Downloads pdf 212.3 KB Version: 2020.1.1 21/01/2020

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