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PIM Master Firmware

Handheld Firmware —

PIM Master

Firmware updates replace the code in your Anritsu handheld instruments with the latest, improved code. To see if your instrument needs a firmware update, you will need to check your instrument's firmware version. This can be done by:

  • Turning the instrument on
  • Pressing Shift, System
  • Pressing Status
  • Finding the "Package Version" number. This is the firmware version number.

To update an instrument currently in production:

  1. Locate your instrument type under the tabs above
  2. Download the corresponding firmware update program using your browser
  3. Insert a recently formatted USB memory stick into your computer
  4. Run the downloaded program on your Windows computer

Once the program has run, the firmware update will be on the USB memory stick, ready to be transferred to the instrument. To transfer the update to your Anritsu Handheld Instrument:

  1. Install the USB memory stick in your instrument
  2. Power up your instrument. Please make sure that it is using the AC Power adapter.

At this point, the instrument will detect the firmware update and walk you through the update process. Some of our older instruments have a different firmware update process. Full details are available under the Update Instructions tab above.

Full details, including a video, are available under the Update Methods tab.

Your Anritsu handheld products are constantly being improved.
Firmware updates allow you to take advantage of those improvements.
This page provides downloadable firmware updates for these instrument families:

  • PIM Master
PIM Master
Firmware Update
(USB Method)*
Release Date
Release History
March 7, 2023
May 9, 2016
No Update Available
No Update Available
No Update Available


* Caution: Windows 8 Users – Windows 8 Certified USB sticks are not usable for firmware updates. Please use a non-certified USB stick for loading Anritsu firmware.

Update Methods

This page has the information you need to know to successfully update the firmware of your Anritsu handheld instruments. Keeping your firmware current allows you to use the most recent, improved firmware possible.

Not sure what version you're running?
Turn on your instrument (the splash screen will tell you). Or from the keyboard, press Shift + System Key [8], then press the Status option from the Sub Menu keys. The "Package Version" will display your current version of Firmware.


USB Loader Method

For Current Model Firmware Updates

These instruments may be updated by downloading the file and following the embedded instructions. This method uses a USB Memory Stick to transfer the files from your PC to the instrument. These downloads are available from the product family links below, or under the library tab.

Updating Anritsu Handheld Instrument Firmware
This document provides a written procedure for updating firmware on current instruments.

Anritsu Handheld Instrument Firmware Update Method [video tutorial]
This video demonstrates how to quickly and easily download Anritsu firmware for use with your current Anritsu handheld devices.

If your Firmware is not at the minimum version, you are required to use Master Software Tools (MST), a PC based application, to bring them to current levels.
Master Software Tools will locate and download the most current firmware for these products.
Note: After you update your Firmware with Master Software Tools, you can update future Firmware Updates using the [USB Loader Method].