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3GPP Protocol Analyzer

This product has been discontinued

MX848086A enables users of the MD8480B W-CDMA (UMTS) Signaling Tester or MT8820A Mobile Phone Tester to analyze their trace logs instantly and fully decoded. It provides fast and accurate analysis of the messages between a UE and the test system, giving a real advantage for development teams involved in 3GPP UE advancement where the number of scenarios needed is growing rapidly.

This tool is intuitive to use and provides the ideal graphical environment for studying the complex protocol messages that pass to and from the UE under test, and particularly the RRC and NAS messages.

  • Analysis to Information element level of protocol exchanges between test system and UE
  • Decodes RRC and NAS messages to format recognized by 3GPP
  • Support for GSM / GPRS / WCDMA UEs
  • Based on globally recognized Anritsu PTS and VST protocol development systems
  • 3GPP standard-compliant development tool