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Economy Microwave Spectrum Analyzer

This product has been discontinued Replacement Model(s) : MS2721B , MS2723C , MS2724C

Powerful Yet Affordable Solution for Microwave Spectrum Analysis

The MS2718B Economy Microwave Spectrum Analyzer is designed to be an affordable solution for bench testing of microwave components, subsystems, and systems. Designed for engineers and technicians needing advanced yet economical spectrum analysis tools, the MS2718B redefines the economy class by delivering impressive value and lowering cost-of-test. It can serve both the R&D test bench as well as the production line applications.

With its upper frequency range of 13 GHz, the MS 2718B brings economic spectrum measurements to many commercial, as well as aerospace and defense microwave system applications. This includes high-technology systems operating in the X-band range. You can measure signal performance on a wide variety of microwave systems; radar, satellite and terrestrial communications, and complex military communications and defense electronics systems.

The MS2718B spectrum analyzer has low phase noise of -102 dBc/Hz typical at 1 GHz @ 10 kHz offset, best in its class typical DANL of -159 dBm at 1 GHz in a 1 Hz RBW, resolution bandwidth (RBW) range of 1 Hz to 3 MHz and video bandwidth (VBW) range of 1 Hz to 3 MHz. It also has the fastest sweep speeds of any spectrum analyzer in its class.

  • Built in preamplifier (standard) up to 4 GHz
  • Lightweight at only 12.5 pounds (typical)
  • Best in class Displayed Average Noise Level < -159 dBm typical in a 1 Hz RBW at 1 GHz
  • Quick Zoom-in, Zoom-out display in 1-2-5 sequence
  • RBWs: 1 Hz to 3 MHz in 1-3 sequence
  • VBWs: 1 Hz to 3 MHz in 1-3 sequence
  • Automatic or manual input attenuator control
  • Dedicated smart measurements
  • Optional secure data operation 
  • Improved zero-span operation—Five markers available for time vs power displays
  • Faster remote I/O and measurement speeds
  • New advanced Limit Line creation capability—Pass/fail charts
  • Trace Averaging
  • Normal, Max hold, Min hold, user settable averaging (more than 65,000 traces can be averaged!)

Exceptional performance, advanced capabilities, and value enable the MS2718B to simplify measurements on microwave components, subsystem, and systems for manufacturing, R&D, and general purpose applications. Then add to your measurement functions with 15 wireless options. Typical applications include:

  • Microwave component test in manufacturing and R&D, especially where higher performance levels are needed
  • Aerospace & defense test for defense electronics, including ATE
  • University labs requiring affordable spectrum analysis tools
  • General purpose economy spectrum analysis
  • Broadcast measurement AM & FM analog and IBOC proofing measurements
  • Optional Wireless Test Options:
    • Compliance test in manufacturing and R&D for 7 different wireless system formats for components and sub-system tests, especially Node-B transmitters (Optional pre-written test software)
    • Transmitter Spectrum Analysis in the lab or production - occupied bandwidth, channel power, adjacent channel power ratio and modulation
    • Received Signal Analysis - location and identification of in-band interference and out-of-band spurious signals and spectral masks
    • Measurement of the 5th harmonic of 3G cellular base station signals
  • Optional Phase Noise Measurement Software provides displays of Single-Sideband Phase Noise versus Frequency Offset with a logarithmic frequency axis.  Marker functions provide integrated noise in seconds, degrees, or Hz.
Options and Phase Noise Software:
  • Option 007, Secure Data Operation, prevents the user from storing measurement setup information onto the internal file storage location. Setup and measurement information can only be stored to the external Compact Flash memory module, or an external USB memory device.
  • Option 17 adds a GPIB interface.
  • Option 19 adds support for the Anritsu PSN50 High Accuracy Power Meter Sensors
  • Option 89 IF Output for the MS2718B provides an IF signal at a center frequency of 37.8 MHz out of a BNC female connector when the instrument span is set to zero span. The user can select the three extra-wide IF bandwidths of 16 MHz, 10 MHz and 7 MHz.

Phase Noise Measurement Software, part number 2300-517, runs on an external PC (not supplied) to control the MS2718B via the Ethernet interface. The software provides multiple phase noise trace plots on the same scale, and includes marker functionality to provide measurement of source jitter in seconds, degrees, or Hz by integrating the measured phase noise between selectable markers.

Wireless Test Options:
The MS2718B Economy Spectrum Analyzer is much more than just another spectrum analyzer. In addition to making swept spectrum measurements, engineers and technicians can rely on this tool to accurately measure transmitter RF and modulation quality on critical wireless system components and sub-assemblies. These software test programs are pre-written test routines, intended to test signal performance against the wireless industry specifications.

There are now 15 different functional test options available for specific performance testing of wireless systems, ranging from the hot new wireless technology of Mobile WiMAX (802.16) to the venerable GSM, and six other system formats. For each wireless format, there are two options, one for characterizing the RF signal performance and the other for the modulation functions. Within any given system format, a long list of test functions are performed, with displays showing both measured data as well as computed characterizations.

Wireless Protocal

RF Measurements (1)

Demodulator Measurements (1)


Option 40

Option 41


Option 42

Option 43


Option 44

Option 45


Option 44

Option 65 (2)


Option 62

Option 63

Fixed WiMAX

Option 46

Option 47


Option 60

Option 61

Mobile WiMAX

Option 66

Option 67

(1) RF and Demodulator options measure signal modulations and require Option 009
(2) Option 65 includes Option 45

The use of Compact Flash memory modules and USB Flash Drives allow a virtually unlimited number of traces and setups to be stored. Measurements may be stored directly to the compact flash module. For example a 512 MB module will hold over 20,000 Spectrum Analyzer measurements. Remote programming using the Ethernet 10/100 Base-T connection is provided using SCPI programming. The Ethernet connection gives the user flexibility in remotely operating the instrument using Anritsu's remote access software, shipped with the product. Measurements and setups may be uploaded and downloaded using either the Ethernet or the USB connection.

The MS2718B is shipped with a User's Guide, a CD ROM containing Master Software Tools and USB driver, a USB A-mini B cable, an Ethernet Cable, a 2G USB Flash Drive, a 256 MB Compact flash drive, a type-N male to SMA female adapter, a type-N male to BNC female adapter.

Every MS2718B has a one year warranty for parts and labor and is shipped with a certificate of calibration & conformance.

Comprehensive Wireless Test Options
  • Fifteen pre-written test procedures from W-CDMA/HSDPA to Mobile WiMAX and TD-SCDMA
  • Options test RF and Modulation characteristics to industry specifications
  • Measured and computed data parameters are displayed
  • Automated Pass/Fail Limit functions put production testing on cruise control