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Area Tester

This product has been discontinued

The ML8720C Area Tester is a convenient battery powered measuring instrument with an 8.4-inch color display used for standalone measurements such as coverage area and other indoor measurements. Because of its excellent hardware performance, it can be used for accurate area-coverage tests even in severe measurement environments with high interference because it can obtain radio wave carrier characteristics with high reliability. When used in combination with the optional Two Carrier Measurement Function and GSM Measurement software, either two W-CDMA base stations on different frequencies or a W-CDMA plus a GSM base station can be measured simultaneously.

The data collection efficiency for functions such as coverage testing is greatly increased, and since the radio wave environment can be analyzed at the same time, the ML8720C is also very useful for fault analysis. Furthermore, installing the BCH Demodulation Software option permits confirmation of cell traffic data and base station settings, offering support for discovering base stations with insufficient traffic capacity, and preventing configuration errors.

- Battery powered

- 8.4 inch color display

- High reliability

- Fault analysis