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Support for PCI Express 5.0 Base Specification Rx Tests


Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A

Anritsu Corporation (President Hirokazu Hamada) is pleased to announce the release of its new PCI Express test solution supporting the Gen5 Base Specification*1 Stressed Receiver Test using the company’s Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A Series with installed Automation Software for Base Specification Calibration and BER Measurement Software supporting the SKP Filter*2. With this release, customers can easily configure a measurement environment for early-stage development of Gen5 IP and devices, helping faster introduction of PCI Express 5.0.

Moreover, the all-in-one MP1900A has every pattern generation, error detection, jitter generation, and noise generation function required for PCI Express tests. And since Gen1 to Gen5 transmission speeds are supported by software upgrades to the same equipment configuration, customers benefit from a high cost-performance PCI Express test solution at lower equipment investment.

[Development Background]

New technologies, such as IoT and AI, etc., are expected to see rapid growth as commercial rollout of 5G services makes high-speed transmission of large data volumes feasible.

Since data centers playing a key role in this new technology paradigm shift require increasingly faster and larger data processing capacity, data-center transmission equipment, servers, storage, etc., are starting to use internal interfaces supporting faster and larger-capacity data transmissions. Base Specification 5.0 of the next PCIe Gen5 standard has been completed and increases data transfer speeds to 32 GT/s. As a result, development of equipment supporting this standard is urgently required.

With this release, Anritsu supports Gen5 Rx tests for IP and inspection of devices in the early standardization and development period with all-in-one Gen1 to Gen5 measurement support. Expansion of measurement functions to meet new emerging standards and trends will also help customers design inspection times.

[Outline of Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A Series]

The Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A Series is a multichannel BER tester meeting the design and verification requirements for high-speed bus interfaces, such as PCI Express 4.0/5.0, USB3.2/4, Thunderbolt, etc., as well as for next-generation network interfaces, such as 200G/400G/800G Ethernet. With a built-in Pulse Pattern Generator for generating high-quality waveforms with industry-best-of-class levels (Intrinsic Jitter of 115 fs rms) plus a high-input-sensitivity Error Detector, as well as a high-accuracy Jitter generation source (SJ, RJ, SSC, BUJ), CM-I/DM-I/White Noise source, Link Training function, and support for LTSSM*3 analysis, the MP1900A series is the ideal solution for various applications, including compliance tests, margin tests, troubleshooting, and more. In addition, it also supports PAM4 evaluation of PAM4 devices, including optical modules, NICs, etc., used by 200G/400G/800G Ethernet in data centers. Since just one unit covers both PCI Express and high-speed Ethernet applications, it supports introduction of various next-generation interfaces while cutting equipment costs.

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[Key Features]

■ All-in-one Gen1 to Gen5 support Software expandable functions supporting PCI Express 1.0 (2.5 Gbit/s) to 5.0 (32 Gbit/s) help cut customers’ infrastructure investment costs.

■ Supports oscilloscopes from different vendors Automation of measurement procedures for complex Rx tests requires supports for real-time oscilloscopes from three main manufacturers, allowing customers to use their own oscilloscope for measurements up to PCIe Gen5.

[Target Markets and Applications]

■ Target Markets: High-end servers and communications equipment
■ Applications: Development of high-speed electronic devices, memory cards, graphics cards, etc.

[Technical Terms]

*1 Base Specification
Published by PCI-SIG standards organization for PCI-Express to define basic specifications for PCIe products

*2 SKP Filter
At Rx test, function for measuring bit errors by filtering Skip Symbol that is not measurement target

Abbreviation for Link Training Status State Machine; mechanism for managing PCI Express Link status


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