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Industry First V2X Message Analysis for US, Europe and Japan Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Roadside Communications Standards


V2X 802.11p Message Evaluation Software MX727000A

Sep 22nd 2017 – Atsugi, Japan – 22nd, 2017 - Anritsu Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of its V2X 802.11p Evaluation Software MX727000A on September 13, 2017 as the first product supporting V2X message analysis for US, EU and Japan vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-roadside (V2X) communications standards.

The MX727000A PC application software product line is composed of three versions for the US (MX727020A), Europe (MX727030A), and Japan (MX727040A). It is used in combination with either the Anritsu Signal Analyzer MS269xA or MS2830A for analysis of V2X messages captured from automobile cabin and roadside equipment.
A prior lack of evaluation tools for V2X message development has made it very difficult to troubleshoot V2X communication errors. To solve this issue, the MX727000A has a function for displaying incorrect V2X messages, helping increase development efficiency.

Configuring a test system using this Anritsu-developed MX727000A software and signal analyzers offers a new method for evaluating V2X messages to facilitate early deployment of vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-roadside V2X communications in US, Europe and Japan.

[Development Background]
V2X communications is a key technology for future automobiles. In Japan, the first IEEE802.11p-compliant V2X services are being deployed, and US and Europe are progressing rapidly to rollout of commercial services.

However, each of these regions is using different V2X standards, requiring global automobile makers as well as cabin and roadside equipment makers to develop communications equipment supporting different regional standards.

Additionally, evaluation of V2X systems by analyzing V2X messages at communications errors imposes a heavy burden on development engineers who are forced to confirm incorrect message definitions from protocols (communications procedures) with huge amounts of data.

Anritsu developed this MX727000A solution to overcome these problems by analyzing V2X messages meeting the standards for US, Europe and Japan with a function for displaying incorrect message definitions.

[Product Outline]
The MX727000A software is installed on a PC to analyze V2X messages captured by the Anritsu Signal Analyzer MS269xA or MS2830A and display incorrect message definitions. The software product line is composed of three versions for US (MX727020A), Europe (MX727030A) and Japan (MX727040A).


  • Improves Development Efficiency
    The causes of V2X communications errors are found easily using the MX727000A without needing to search large volumes of protocol data as required previously, which helps improve V2X development efficiency.
  • Cuts Measuring Instrument Capital Costs
    Testing from the MAC to application layers for regional standards in US , EU and Japan is supported by one test platform composed of the MX727000A and a signal analyzer, helping cut costs by eliminating the need to purchase separate measuring instruments for each standard and layer.
  • Supports Objective Evaluation
    This test system uses a signal analyzer to capture live V2X messages exchanged between automobiles and roadside equipment for analysis by the MX727000A to provide objective evaluation results, unlike previous methods not using measuring instruments.

[Target Markets and Applications]

  • Target Markets: Automobile Makers, and Cabin and Roadside Equipment Vendors
  • Applications: V2X Message Analysis for Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Roadside Communications

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