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Anritsu Company Introduces Single Instrument that Conducts BER Measurements and Eye Pattern Analysis Simultaneously

BERTWave Series Reduces Instrument Costs and Measurement Times When Testing Active Optical Devices and Modules


Anritsu Company introduces the MP2100A BERTWave series that features a single-instrument solution that can conduct 10 Gbit/s BER measurements and eye pattern analysis simultaneously, eliminating the need to use separate instruments for such tests. By combining these two important measurements into a single instrument, the BERTWave series significantly reduces instrument costs and measurement times, making it a superior alternative for manufacturers to verify the performance of their active optical devices and modules.

Signal integrity measurements are made quickly and with a high degree of confidence with the BERTWave series. Designed with a built-in mixed remote command function for batch-processing multiple measurement commands, the BERTWave can conduct BER measurements in 10 ms, approximately 30% faster than comparable instruments. Eye pattern analysis is also conducted much faster with the BERTWave, due to the instrument’s support of high-speed sampling. For example, mask tests can be performed in approximately 12 sec. Additionally, the BERTWave has a tracking function that eliminates troublesome – and time consuming – setting changes for Tx and Rx signals.

The BERTWave series is designed with a Bessel filter with ideal frequency characteristics that support high-accuracy extinction ratio measurements. Measurement accuracy is very high because the calibration is conducted with a reference light source that holds error to < ±0.05 dB (typical). Additionally, a correction function automatically adjusts the measured extinction ratio to assure correlation with other instruments.

Simple to operate, the BERTWave has a 12.1-inch wide touch-panel display. Despite the large display, the instrument is compactly designed, measuring 221H x 341W x 180D (mm) and weighing less than 7 kg. Environmentally friendly, the BERTWave consumes <300 VA of power, which also reduces operating expenses.

Customers can tailor the MP2100A configuration according to their testing requirements. In addition to the all-in-one solution, the BERTWave series includes the MP2101A, a BER tester that supports 8.5 Gbit/s to 11.32 Gbit/s, and the MP2102A, an eye/pulse pattern tester that supports high-speed mask tests.

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