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Anritsu Introduces Highly Accurate Coherent OTDR that Detects Faults in Optical Submarine Cables

MW90010A Coherent OTDR Delivers Improved Dynamic Range and Sensitivity to Solve Measurement Issues Resulting from Longer Cables


Anritsu Company introduces the MW90010A Coherent OTDR (C-OTDR) which utilizes the innovative coherent detection scheme to produce significantly improved dynamic range and sensitivity. Due to the superior performance, the MW90010A can measure optical submarine cables as long as 12,000 km with 100 times the accuracy of previous instruments.

Utilizing the inherent advantages of the coherent detection scheme, the MW90010A detects faults with 10-meter resolution and can collect 1.2 million data points for accurate analysis on ultra-long optical submarine cables up to 12,000 km in length. The C-OTDR detects faults and captures important waveform data, including cable loss, bending loss, and fiber length, that support detailed cable evaluation.

Due to its excellent overall performance, which also includes measurement time of 15 minutes and dynamic range of >17 dB, the MW90010A can accurately measure optical submarine cables with optical repeaters spaced at intervals of 80 km or more. The wavelength of the MW90010As built-in light source can be tuned with ±0.2 nm accuracy in the range of 1535.03 nm ~ 1565.08 nm to support DWDM submarine cable systems.

The MW90010A is as much as 2/3 smaller than comparable OTDRs. Its measurement size of 320 w x 177 h x 451 d (mm) and weight of <17 kg supports easy onsite portability. A touch-panel makes operation simple, even for inexperienced users, and expedites performing a measurement. The size, ease of use, and high accuracy make the MW90010A the tool of choice for transmission equipment manufacturers and service providers who must verify cable performance during installation and maintenance.

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