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In the mobile communications market, as represented by smartphones, we possess the signaling and signal analysis technologies necessary for all phases such as chipset development, device development, conformance testing, and manufacturing inspection.

We possess a wide range of wireless technologies and communication analysis technologies required for evaluation and assurance of the connectivity quality, which are required for the spread of connected cars and the introduction of IoT into home appliances and industrial equipment.

We possess ultra-high speed digital signal and optical analysis technologies, which are utilized to evaluate the performance of rapidly accelerating network and serial interfaces due to the spread of cloud computing, and to inspect optical modules

We possess FPGA design technologies, software design technologies, and other vital common fundamental technologies for supporting large-scale measurement circuits and high-speed processing.

We are working to improve the accuracy of X-ray inspections using signal processing and image analysis algorithm technologies, and researching methods to improve inspection technology using deep learning.

We realize quick and accurate weight measurement utilizing checkweighers, achieving both dynamic weighing technology and high stability.