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Checkweighers are essential for checking product weights and detecting missing products. Anritsu has developed a variety of technologies that enable our auto-checkers to measure weights quickly and accurately.

Dynamic Weighing Technologies Realize High Speed and Accuracy

The keys to fast, accurate weighing are reducing vibration noise and improving responsiveness.

Variations in the positions of the items to be weighed can reduce weighing accuracy, due to vibration noise resulting from application of a non-vertical load to the checkweigher. Anritsu creates the optimum checkweigher mechanism for dynamic weighing, by precisely analyzing loads in the vertical, horizontal, and torsional directions, and by increasing rigidity.

Furthermore, if vibration noises are mixed into measurement signals, they make the weight values unstable, resulting in a decline in processing capabilities. Anritsu improves the responsiveness of our checkweighers by analyzing weighing vibrations and eliminating unnecessary vibration noises.

High Stability

Changes in ambient temperature and expansion due to heat generated inside a checkweigher can result in a decline in weighing stability.

By performing simulation analysis using 3D-CAD, Anritsu has reduced the weighing value fluctuations due to ambient temperature changes defined in OIML[※1]-R51[※2]by half compared with the previous model. We have also improved the output resolution by four-fold compared with the previous model, and improved the sorting accuracy by redesigning the signal processing.

MID[※3]defines ranks for measuring instruments according to measurement accuracy. MID has recognized the excellent construction of the checkweighers newly developed by Anritsu, and our SSV series of auto checkers were the first in the world to achieve the highest rank of Class XII, achieving a verification scale interval of e=0.05g. (As of March 2013; according to an Anritsu study)


[※1] OIML
International Organization of Legal Metrology
[※2] R51
International recommendations for automatic catchweighing instruments
[※3] MID
Measuring Instruments Directive