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All-in-one TD-LTE and TD-SCDMA Base Station Simulator for R&D

Anritsu MD8475A

Chinese carriers are starting deployment of 4G TD-LTE (LTE-TDD) services which must also co-exist with current legacy TD-SCDMA (3G) and GSM (2G). As a result, smartphone makers must support evaluation of all three TD-LTE, TD-SCDMA, and GSM technologies. 

Anritsu's MD8475A Signalling Tester is a base station simulator for over-the-air smartphone manufacturing tests, including 2-cell Testing, Throughput Tests, Battery Management, etc.

Just one compact MD8475A is all you need to configure a personal TD-LTE, TD-SCDMA, and GSM base station test environment, cutting costs, assuring quality, and bringing new smartphones to the Chinese market as soon as possible.

Need for Smartphone Tests


Assured mobile communications is a key requirement for any smartphone.

For example, the phone must switch the connection seamlessly when moving from a TD-LTE service area to a TD-SCDMA or GSM service area.

Evaluation of smartphones moving between cells requires tests for all combinations of available communications standards. Additionally, smartphone evaluations cover a large variety of test items not only when in the Idle State, but especially when switching cells during circuit and packet-switched communications.

The MD8475A covers every combination of handover tests between TD-LTE, TD-SCDMA, and GSM systems with an easy-to-use interface to the mobile terminal, eliminating creation of complex test scenarios and operations.



throughput test The TD-LTE technology supports very high-speed data throughputs (87 Mbps Downlink).
The high speeds support applications such as downloading large video files and accessing cloud data services, which are key smartphone features. Consequently, stable throughput measurement is an important evaluation index.

The MD8475A maximizes the stable Throughput performance required by smartphone developers from various perspectives described below. The MD8475A is ideal for Throughout evaluation of TD-LTE, TD-SCDMA and GSM terminals. Most importantly, the maximum Throughput is satisfied and stable evaluation is achieved. Moreover, the Throughput performance at each level including the IP level as well as the L3 signalling messages can be easily understood.

• RF Front End Hardware Performance Verification
• U-Plane Data Pipeline Processing
• MAC and L3 level Protocol Implementation
• Smartphone OS Optimization
• Driver Tuning
• Application Software Stabilization

With a built-in PC, the MD8475A operates as an FTP data and application server for evaluating TD-LTE high-speed Downlink data performance.
The SmartStudio user interface software simplifies test parameter settings for evaluating limit values and stability.
Eliminating the need to create scenarios simplifies smartphone performance evaluation operations, improving R&D efficiency and time to market.



Smartphones have other non-communications applications, such as digital camera and GPS functions, comprising an always-network-connected environment. Additionally, the large screen offers excellent operability. However these merits are offset by smartphone users' worries over battery life management. As a result, smartphone developers must quantify battery consumption to optimize battery life.


The MD8475A SmartStudio interface makes it easy to set any required cell-related parameters at the base station side, simplifying setting of carrier-unique cell parameters and simulation parameters for easy evaluation of battery life.
Neighbor Cell and Paging related settings are easily performed with SmartStudio, as are Periodic Update Timer, Paging Cycle, DRX Mode, Uplink Transmit Power Control, etc., settings for TD-LTE terminals. Moreover, the System Information Block (SIB) sent at Paging can be edited and set for each wireless bearer.

World Leader in Base Station Simulators

As the world leader in base station simulators, Anritsu supplies signalling testers (base station simulators) to all the world's communications equipment makers and plays a key role in development of mobile communications systems. The company has more than a 70% share of the W-CDMA field, and its new MD8475A reflects Anritsu's long experience and advanced technologies in communications measurement, helping cut smartphone development costs while raising product quality and assuring the fastest possible time to market.


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