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Extended-K Connectors

Mode-Free and Traceable 43.5 GHz Connectors

Extended-K connectors are a series of microwave coaxial cable connectors, sparkplug connectors and 2- and 4-hole flange connectors. These connectors support backhaul requirements for new 5G deployments up to 43.5 GHz, satellite communications, and millimeter-wave (mmWave) body imaging applications.

With costs high for re-tooling a test system, Extended-K connectors are the right choice at a much lower cost.


The Bluetooth Test Set MT8852B is the market leading RF measuring instrument for R&D, design verification and production test of a wide range of products that integrate Bluetooth technology. Examples include phones, headsets and M2M products, as well as modules. The MT8852B provides full SIG compliant testing for Bluetooth Core specifications v1.2, 2.0, 2.1, 3.0+HS, 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2.

Optical Transport Network - OTN

All-in-one testers with OTN mapping - the NEW MT1100A Network Master Flex and MT1000A Network Master Pro redefine the direction of future test platforms by bringing all your network test requirements to a portable device.

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MP2100B Applications

Optical modules used in data centers are handling increasing data volumes, some more multichannel optical modules such as QSFP+ are being used. The MP2100B supports simultaneous BER measurements of multichannel optical modules for four channels using the built-in BERT. In addition, Eye Pattern and BER can be measured simultaneously using the built-in BERT and sampling oscilloscope.


Introducing our new line of performance vector network analyzers for testing cost-sensitive passive devices in engineering, manufacturing and education.

Base Station Testing and Optimization

When you're faced with punishing field conditions, be sure you have the right tools for the job.

When it comes to meeting your key performance indicators, such as dropped calls, call denial, or call blocking rates, count on our base station solutions for quick problem resolution, accurate testing, and fast verification of installations and commissions of base stations.

Interference is a constant problem for wireless network operators. Our air interface optimization tools can help mitigate these problems by analyzing call events, signal strength, and neighbor information quickly and easily.

Our powerful backhaul solutions provide a comprehensive solution for deploying, maintaining, and troubleshooting wireless backhaul in a lightweight package.

Qualcomm Atheros ART2 Driver

Anritsu supports the Atheros Radio Test (ART2) version 2.x and 4.x for testing the latest chipsets from Qualcomm Atheros, Inc., including 802.11ac enabled devices. Please contact Anritsu sales office to request a demonstration or obtain the Anritsu DLL for use with ART2.

In the lab. In the field. On the Factory floor. NLTL is a better way to VNA

Just complete the form to get complimentary access to Anritsu's new white paper. Learn why NLTL is a better solution for all vector network analysis (VNA) applications and how Anritsu’s VNA portfolio delivers NLTL across the board.

Nonlinear Transmission Line Technology

Nonlinear Transmission Line (NLTL) technology has historically been used for pulse shaping applications and in digitizing oscilloscopes. Over the years it has proven itself to be a highly credible, robust technology. It has been refined by Anritsu for high-frequency use, and complemented with novel monolithic broadband directional bridges, multiplexers, and other key components, resulting in NLTL-based samplers and distributed harmonic generators that overcome the limitations of SRD-based sampling VNAs and meet the needs for a high-performance frequency-scalable VNA architecture.

Evaluation of RF Network Testing

Transmission Line and Antenna Testing has become a common test of RF network integrity over the past few years.This relatively new testing methodology is a result of new test equipment evolutions and the need to fully understand the integrity of RF networks after installation.

Characterizing a Coaxial Transmission System

Accurately characterize loss and reflection of long, embedded coaxial transmission systems.Learn how to easily and accurately measure end-to-end loss and reflection on embedded coaxial transmission systems using a swept frequency range, where each end of the system is separated by long physical distances.