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Supports TD-LTE&TD-SCDMA Mobile RF and Call Processing Tests



Chinese carriers are planning to deploy TD-LTE soon alongside current TD-SCDMA/GSM services, requiring development of multifunction TD-LTE/TD-SCDMA/GSM mobiles.

The small-footprint, all-in-one MT8820C supporting all test functions, including signalling, is the ideal tester with high cost-performance for efficient R&D and manufacturing of TD-LTE/TD-SCDMA/GSM mobiles.



- Tester supporting all RF tests from R&D to manufacturing
- Supports easy 3GPP TRx tests
- Supports all 3GPP bands
- Convenient functions supporting high R&D efficiency
  • Graphical View  • TD-LTE 2x2 MIMO L1 Throughput  • TD-SCDMA End-to-End Voice Test


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