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BERTWave Series Remote Control Operation Manual

BERTWave Series Remote Control Operation Manual

作業手冊 pdf 4.6 MB Version: 18th Edition 2021/8/16

BERTWave Series (MP2110A and MP2100B)

The BERTWave series is designed especially for mass-production of optical modules and features an All-in-one BERT (for bit error rate measurement) plus sampling oscilloscope (for Eye pattern analysis) to help increase optical module production efficiency and cut costs.

摺頁冊 pdf 1.9 MB 2021/5/24

MX210001A Jitter Analysis Software Operation Manual

MX210001A Jitter Analysis Software Operation Manual

作業手冊 pdf 2.8 MB Version: 8th Edition 2021/5/17

BERTWave™ MP2100B

The all-in-one MP2100B BERTWave supporting simultaneous BER and eye-pattern measurements. BERTWave support 4ch simultaneous BER measurement and Scope sampling speed support 150 ksample/s. BERTWave is ideal for both R&D and manufacturing tests because it increases efficiency and reduces measurement costs.

摺頁冊 pdf 3.4 MB 2020/12/23

BERTWave™ MP2100B (中文繁體版)

BERTWave MP2100B 是集 BERT 及取樣示波器於壹體的單機綜合測試儀,能支援同步誤碼率 (BER) 測量及眼圖分析,有效縮短測量時間。並且,BER 測量通道可擴充至四個並同步測量,高速取樣模式實現了150 ksample/s的高速測試。BERTWave MP2100B 是壹臺能在研究,開發,制造等各種場合大顯身手的單機綜合測試儀。

摺頁冊 pdf 3.8 MB 2020/12/23

MP2100B BERTWave Operation Manual

MP2100B BERTWave Operation Manual

作業手冊 pdf 6.8 MB Version: 9th Edition 2020/12/17

MX210002A Transmission Analysis Software Operation Manual

MX210002A Transmission Analysis Software Operation Manual

作業手冊 pdf 2.3 MB Version: 9th Edition 2020/10/26

BERTWave™ MP2100B

BERTWave MP2100B support 4ch BER test and fast eye pattern analysis because sampling speed is 150 ksample/s. Therefor BERTWave increases efficiency and reduces measurement costs.

產品介紹 pdf 4.0 MB 2020/7/28

Optical & High-speed & Transport Testing Solutions

Introduces Anritsu Optical Measuring Instruments, Bit Error Rate Testers (BERT), Transport and Ethernet Testing products. This Solution Brochure is a document for Optical Measuring Instruments, Bit Error Rate Testers (BERT), Transport and Ethernet Testing products.

摺頁冊 pdf 4.5 MB 2020/4/21

Total Solution for Optical Module Evaluation

Total Solution for Optical Module Evaluation / reduce Inspection Times and Improves Productivity MP2100B BERTWave MS9740A Optical Spectrum Analyzer.

傳單 pdf 660.1 KB 2019/4/23

'Linked by Light' Evaluating Gbit/s Ultra-Fast Serial Signals

The all-in-one BERTWave MP2100B also supports Total Jitter component analysis required for developing and manufacturing AOC. The AOC interface can be evaluated during simultaneous sending and receiving to simplify evaluation of AOC characteristics and transmission-path quality.

傳單 pdf 518.9 KB 2018/7/23

'Linked by Light' Evaluating Hi-Definition Video Transmissions

With a built-in BERT and sampling oscilloscope, the BERTWave MP2100B is the ideal, low-cost measurement solution for evaluating both the characteristics of optical transceivers and AOC, as well as transmission-path quality.

傳單 pdf 542.7 KB 2018/7/23

Selecting Tools at Measurement of High-Speed Digital Signals

The recent rapid increases in data volumes at network equipment, servers, and storage due to increasing use of smartphones, cloud computing, FTTx rollout, video streaming, etc., seem likely to increase even further in future. To cope with demand, many appliances and facilities are using digital signals exceeding the Gbit/s band. Dealing with these high-speed signals requires paying attention not only to the digital aspects but also to analog-type behavior, and care is required in choosing tools for monitoring these signals. This document discusses the key points when handling digital signals exceeding 10 Gbit/s from the perspective of measurement tools.

技術說明 pdf 1.0 MB 2017/7/14

ESD Protection Adapter J1678A, J1679A

The Protection Adapters J1678A and J1679A are for protecting DUTs and measuring instruments against ESD/EOS and support high-reliability measurements.

傳單 pdf 530.9 KB 2017/7/14

Measurement Environment Solutions for Eliminating ESD/EOS Failures

Electronic components of electronic devices and measurement devices break down when subjected to high voltages caused by electrostatic discharge (ESD) or electrical over-stress (EOS).Signals sent to I/O connectors of electronic, measurement and other devices must be within the rated voltage or the devices may fail. This document should be used to help build an environment that avoids ESD or EOS.

應用說明 pdf 1.4 MB 2017/3/30


此備註介紹如何利用 BERTWave 功能的標準遠端序列,以及如何加速測量光學模組及裝置。在此備註中說明的遠端序列可以透過內建在 BERTWave 的遠端指令,選擇最佳的指令,設定一個製造光學模組及裝置的簡單測試系統。

應用說明 pdf 716.1 KB 2017/3/15

Ideal Remote Sequence

This note introduces standard remote sequences making use of the BERTWave functions and speed to measure optical modules and devices. The remote sequences described in this note can be used to configure a simple test system for manufacturing optical modules and devices by selecting the best commands from remote commands built into the BERTWave.

應用說明 pdf 602.4 KB 2017/2/22


本文件說明使用 MP2100B 功能的部分遠端序列,以及加速 QSFP+ 的量測。 可以從 MP2100B 使用本文件說明之遠端序列的遠端指令,選擇 QSFP+ 模組生產用的指令,協助架設簡易操作的光模組測 試系統。

應用說明 pdf 771.9 KB 2016/4/26

Jitter Analysis Software MX210001A

Simultaneous Jitter, EYE Pattern and EYE Mask Measurements

傳單 pdf 779.4 KB 2016/4/4


MX210000A BERTWave Software Release Note

Changed history and update procedure for BERTWave software

驅動程式/軟體下載 pdf 689.9 KB Version: 46th Edition 2021/8/16

MX210000A BERTWave Software for MP2100B

MX210000A for MP2100B

MD5 : e7c76471b9fef000a850a692c4b7fca4

驅動程式/軟體下載 exe 46.7 MB Version: 4.01.27 2021/1/11


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