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40/100G Ethernet Analyzer MD1260A

The all-in-one portable 40/100G Ethernet Analyzer MD1260A supports the latest high-speed transmission technologies, such as 40/100 GbE, OTU3, and OTU4. It has all the functions needed for manufacturing and installing equipment and networks.

摺頁冊 pdf 2.7 MB 2014/2/19

MD1260A 40/100G Ethernet Analyzer Operation Manual

The MD1260A 40/100G Ethernet Analyzer is a measuring instrument for R&D and manufacturing of 40/100 Gigabit Ethernet (40/100 GbE) and OTN (OTU3/OTU4) equipment. When the MD1260A is connected to the DUT , test patterns can be sent and received and bit errors and latency can be measured.

作業手冊 pdf 8.0 MB 2013/9/5

MD1260A 40/100G Ethernet Analyzer Remote Control Operation Manual

The remote control function sends commands via the communications interface from the remote control PC to set the measuring instrument and read the measurement results and measuring instrument conditions. The MD1260A 40/100G Ethernet Analyzer supports the Ethernet interface. (When the option is installed, the GPIB interface can be used.) When using either interface, set the number to distinguish the MD1260A from other equipment. When using the Ethernet interface, the IP address is set, and when using the GPIB, the GPIB address is set.

作業手冊 pdf 2.6 MB 2013/1/10

40/100G Ethernet Analyzer MD1260A

The MD1260A is All-in-One Compact 40/100G Ethernet Analyzer. It is a measuring instrument for assuring the quality of high-speed networks forming the foundation of next-generation applications for cloud computing.

產品介紹 pdf 4.5 MB 2012/12/20

MD1260A 40/100G Ethernet Analyzer Add-on Function Operation Manual

This is called a basic application (MD1260A-001 100GbE / MD1260A-002 OTU4 / MD1260A-003 40GbE / MD1260A-004 OTU3) of MD1260A. The Add-on function is used with a combination of basic applications for a specific purpose.

作業手冊 pdf 1.6 MB 2012/6/29

MZ1225A Adapter for QSFP+ Operation Manual

MZ1225A Adapter for QSFP+ is an adapter to convert the QSFP+ module to the CFP module form. The MZ1225A is used being inserted to the measurement port (CFP module installation part) of the MD1260A 40/100G Ethernet analyzer (hereinafter referred to as MD1260A).

作業手冊 pdf 763.3 KB 2012/3/27

MZ1223C 10 Lane Extender Operation Manual

This equipment is used by inserting it into the measurement port (part where CFP module installed) of the MD1260A 40/100G Ethernet Analyzer (MD1260A hereafter). It adapts the CFP connector I/O electrical signals (10.3 or 11.18 Gbit/s) to SMP coaxial connectors.

作業手冊 pdf 937.6 KB 2012/3/27


MD1260A Release Notes

English MD1260A Release Notes

驅動程式/軟體下載 pdf 256.7 KB Version: 19 2014/2/6

MD1260A upgrade manual (for v3.0 or later)

English MD1260A upgrade manual

驅動程式/軟體下載 pdf 870.6 KB Version: 01 2014/1/6

MD1260A Software

Latest MD1260A Software Installer
MD5 : 7efaf2c38157112863036953a7771968

驅動程式/軟體下載 zip 142.2 MB Version: 3_02_22 2014/1/6


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