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BTS Master

此產品已停產 取代型號: MT8220T

BTS Master MT8221B 是 Anritsu 公司的高性能基站分析儀。 從一開始,本產品即是為支援 4G 標準和已安裝的 2G/3G 網路專門設計的。 MT8221B 平臺提供高達 20 MHz 的解調能力,可支援 1.4 ~ 20 MHz 的 LTE 頻寬。 MT8221B 還幾乎能為任何其他寬頻訊號的外部解調提供 30 MHz 零掃瞄中頻輸出功能。 此外,還提供向量訊號發生器選件以進行全面的接收器測試,可以靈活地生成兩個受調訊號與雜訊。

  • 頻率範圍為 400 MHz ~ 4 GHz 的雙埠電纜與天線分析儀
  • 頻率範圍為 150 kHz ~ 7.1 GHz 的頻譜分析儀
  • 頻率範圍為 10 MHz ~ 7.1 GHz 的功率計
VSG 波形
MA8100A Tutorial – Generating 3D Building Maps

MA8100A Tutorial – Generating 3D Building Maps
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MA8100A Installation Tutorial

MA8100A Tutorial
Step by step installation instructions. NEON Signal Mapper, a 3D in-building solution.

NEON Indoor Mapping with Anritsu LMR Master

NEON Indoor Mapping
TRX NEON Signal Mapper and command software shows mapping in real time

Anritsu MA8100A TRX NEON Signal Mapper

TRX NEON Signal Mapper
Test when GPS is not available, deliver real-time 3D location, for indoor measurement applications

Dynamic Range with Anritsu Handheld Spectrum Analyzers

Wide Dynamic Range
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easyMap Tools – Obtaining Registration Key for MapQuest Sourced Maps

easyMap Tools - REG Key
This tutorial will show you how to obtain a MapQuest API key.

Anritsu Handheld Instrument Firmware Update Method

Firmware Update Method
Download firmware for use with your handheld devices quickly and easily (not for S331L)

Introducing SweepMasters Pro and Pro Plus

Sweep Master Pro & Pro Plus
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Spectrogram Display in Anritsu Handheld Instruments

Spectrogram Display
Go back in time and view past sweeps, images, videos or trace images

Spectrum Monitoring using Anritsu Handheld Spectrum Analyzers

Spectrum Monitoring
Using a Spectrum Analyzer, spectrum monitoring ensures reliable communications .

SweepMasters Pro and Pro Plus Tutorial

SweepMaster Tutorial
This tutorial gives an overview of the features and functionality of both tools