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Spectrum Master - 手持式頻譜分析儀  MS2711E

Spectrum Master - 手持式頻譜分析儀

此產品已停產 取代型號: MS2070A

The Spectrum Master MS2711E was designed to monitor wireless systems specifically in field enviornments.

For supporting documentation, see Library.

Line Sweep Tools (LST)
Anritsu Line Sweep Tools (LST) is the latest generation of Handheld Software Tools, an industry standard. This PC based post-processing software efficiently manipulates line sweep and PIM traces for reporting purposes.

easyTest Tools (eTT)
easyTest Tools allows users to Create work instruction files on their PC, Deliver these files by e-mail, and then Display work instructions on supported instruments and modes. These easyTest™ files provide step-by-step instructions for both the test setup and instrument operation.

Master Software Tools (MST)
Master Software Tools (MST) allows Anritsu handheld Spectrum Analyzer users to Capture, Analyze, and Document traces and measurements taken with a wide variety of Anritsu handheld spectrum analyzers.