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Spectrum Analyzer MS2687B

Spectrum Analyzer

此產品已停產 取代型號: MS2690A , MS2691A , MS2692A , MS2830A

The MS2687B Microwave Spectrum Analyzer covers a frequency range up to 30 GHz and can measure up to 5th-order harmonics on 5 GHz Wireless LANs.

With a maximum RBW of 20 MHz, the MS2687B is ideal for measuring the burst power of wideband signals used by Wireless LANs. When the WLAN Measurement Software is installed, the modulation accuracy of each sub-carrier of the OFDM signal can be measured at high speed with high accuracy.

  • Frequency Range
    • 9 kHz to 30 GHz
    • Extend range to 18 - 110 GHz with external mixers
  • Resolution Bandwidth
    • Up to 20 MHz
    • Optional narrow resolution bandwidth from 1 Hz
  • Optional Power Meter
  • Frequency Counter with 1 Hz resolution
  • Superior RF performance specifications

  • R&D and Manufacturing of WLAN equipment
  • Installation and Maintenance of base stations
  • Installation and Maintenance of Microwave backhauls
  • Manufacturing of radio components
Communication SystemApplicable Software
W-CDMA W-CDMA Measurement Software
GSM GSM Measurement Software
cdmaOne, CDMA2000 1X CDMA Measurement Software
CDMA2000 1xEV-DO CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Measurement Software
PDC/PHS/NADC (IS-136), STD-39/T79, STD-T61π/4DQPSK Measurement Software
IEEE802.11a/11b/11g, HiSWANa, HiperLAN2 Wireless LAN Measurement Software
TD-SCDMATD-SCDMA Measurement Software

Precision frequency referenceAging rate:  ±5 × 10–10/day
Narrow resolution bandwidth (FFT)1 Hz to 1 KHz
Digital resolution bandwidth (RMS detection)Adds RMS detection and expands resolution bandwidth to 10 Hz to 1 MHz.
Ethernet interface Allows external control via 10BASE-T.
I/Q unbalanced input- Mounts 2 connectors for I/Q synch inputs and operating inputs (BNC type) to the front panel.
- Measurement software corresponding to I/Q input is required for actual measurement.
Power Meter - With upper frequency of 32 GHz, measure from -20 to +20 dBm.
- Add range expansion option to measure from -30 to +20 dBm.
4 GHz LO output.Outputs internal 2nd local signal through rear connector.
Auto power recovery - Disables the power switch on the front panel.
- Power is automatically reset after the line is restored.
Rack mount (IEC) without handles- Mounts an IEC standard rack mount.
- Eliminates the standard tilt handle.
Rack mount (JIS) without handles - Mounts a JIS standard rack mount.
- Eliminates the standard tilt handle.