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Field Master Pro

Handheld Spectrum Analyzer delivers the highest continuous frequency coverage up to 54 GHz and real-time spectrum analysis bandwidth up to 110 MHz to address current and emerging applications

頻率範圍:9 kHz 至 9/14/20/26.5/32/43.5/54 GHz

Anritsu 的 Field Master Pro MS2090A 射頻頻譜分析儀是一款精巧的掌上型儀器,能夠提供前所未有的效能。With continuous frequency coverage from 9 kHz to 54 GHz, the Field Master Pro MS2090A is specifically designed to meet the test challenges of a full range of other wireless technologies in use today, including: 5G, LTE, wireless backhaul, aerospace/defense, satellite systems, and radar.

Field Master Pro MS2090A 為掌上型觸控式螢幕頻譜分析儀提供最高等級的射頻效能,且顯示平均雜訊強度 (DANL) 為 -164 dBm,三階截點 (TOI) 為 +20 dBm (典型值)。這使得頻譜清理、無線電校準、諧波和失真等測量比以往更加準確。對於數位系統上的調製測量,110 MHz 調製頻寬結合最佳相位雜訊效能可有效提升測量精確度,而 ±0.5 dB 的典型振幅準確度則可讓您在測試發射器功率和偽訊號時信心十足。

該儀器堅固耐用,適合現場使用,且所有版本均提供全方位的功能,以加速和簡化測量,同時增強可用性。RTSA 的頻率範圍為 20 MHz (標準) 至 110 MHz (選配),可為全面的 ISM 頻段訊號分析提供蜂巢式干擾監測功能。所有版本不但可作為全跨距掃描調諧頻譜分析儀,還提供頻譜圖顯示,有助於監測間歇或乾擾訊號的射頻頻譜。整合式通道功率和佔用頻寬測量可簡化公共無線電傳輸的測量和特性分析工作。5G 訊框的 IQ 資料擷取功能可使用標準資料分析工具擷取和儲存 IQ 資料,以便在 PC 上進行離線處理。

  • 9 kHz 至 9/14/20/26.5/32/43.5/54 GHz
  • DANL:-164 dBm (使用前級放大器)
  • TOI:+20 dBm (典型值)
  • 分析頻寬:110 MHz
  • Amp 範圍:DANL 至 +30 dBm
  • 1 GHz 的相位雜訊:-110 dBc/Hz,偏移為 100 kHz (典型值)
  • Demodulation: 5GNR, LTE FDD, RF, and modulation quality plus SSB signal analysis
  • 解析度頻寬 (RBW):1 Hz 至 10 MHz
  • RTSA 頻寬:22, 55, 110 MHz (option dependent)
  • 振幅準確度:<14 GHz ± 1.3 dB (± 0.5 dB 典型值)
  • Zero span with 60 ns minimum span
  • IQ capture and streaming
  • AM/FM modulation quality measurements
  • Built-in PDF/HTML report generation

MA25424A IQ Data Converter is required in order to stream data from the Field Master Pro MS2090A spectrum analyzer to the Bird IQC5000B RF record and playback system.

MA25424A IQ Converter Box

2000-1985-R Isotropic EMF Probe for use with Option 445

The 2000-1985-R Isotropic EMF Probe, in conjunction with MS2090A Option 445 EMF Meter, offers a broadband EMF measurement from 20 MHz to 40 GHz with excellent accuracy and speed. Simply connect the probe to a USB port on the Field Master Pro, open the EMF Meter application (requires Option 445) and easily measure the EMF energy as a percentage of FCC public, FCC technician, ICNIRP public, or ICNIRP public limits.

MS2090A EMF 2000-1985-R

PC based IQ analysis software for use with IQ data captured from a Remote Spectrum Analyzer

IQ Signal Master MX280005A Vector Signal Analysis Software provides a comprehensive suite of measurements that deliver post processing and analysis of IQ data files captured on the Field Master Pro spectrum analyzers. The software is designed to bring together all the essential tools required to capture IQ data files and then gain critical insights into the nature of the captured signals. Modes within the application, support the ability to capture or stream IQ data into the PC memory, perform modulation quality measurements, playback IQ data with high frequency and time resolution, view LTE and 5G frame resource blocks and playback IQ spectrograms from up to four analyzers in parallel.

A file conversion mode allows IQ data captured on the supported analyzers to be converted to the format required for playback using a Vector Signal Generator MG3710E further enhancing the overall capability.

The software is designed for national RF spectrum regulators, security agencies and defense electronics companies who need to gain critical insight into RF signals that have been captured in the field. It is also suitable for organizations that need to monitor and protect RF spectrum from unlicensed operators or unintended sources of interference

IQ Signal Master MX280005A Vector Signal Analysis Software


The 5G Evolution of Indoor Wireless Networks for Smart Buildings and Manufacturing Facilities

5G technology has introduced some exciting possibilities for in-building functions. The “smart” buildings and manufacturing facilities of tomorrow will include new functions such as IoT, factory automation, machine learning devices, and cloud compute applications. To handle these new features, network architectures will change, frequency bands will be added, and new network features will be introduced. In this webinar, we will examine how the indoor wireless networks will evolve as we move to 5G, and the challenges in managing these complex networks to ensure performance and reliability for both commercial as well as the public safety networks.

Understanding Real-Time Spectrum Analysis

Real-time spectrum analysis (RTSA) provides signal insight previously only available in high-end lab and benchtop solutions. RTSA allows gapless capture and display of rapidly changing and highly intermittent signals. The digital nature of RTSA also makes a variety of analysis and display technologies possible that traditionally required multiple hardware platforms.


Field Master Pro MS2090A 儀器為掌上型射頻頻譜分析儀提供最高等級的效能,同時為現場工程師和技術人員提供以往僅桌上型儀器才有的無與倫比的測量準確度。

  • 干擾追蹤和頻譜清理網路 – 快速掃描速度、低失真前端和頻譜圖顯示有助於有效部署新網路,進而確保頻譜清晰,並驗證所有傳統使用者是否已停止所有傳輸。

  • 廣播發射器分析 – a comprehensive range of transmitter measurements – including: AM/FM modulation quality measurements, harmonic, spurious, occupied bandwidth, channel power, and adjacent channel power – ensures conformity to regulatory requirements.

  • 微波無線電連結 – 提供高達 54 GHz 的頻率選項及用於碟形校準的出色靈敏度,可使用波導喇叭天線在安裝或維護測試期間驗證功率和調製頻率。

  • 衛星系統監測 – 非常適合監測下行訊號以搜尋干擾和雜訊

  • LTE base station measurements – OTA or direct connect measurements in single or multi channel configurations
    • Cell ID, Sector ID, Cell Group
    • Frequency Error and Time Offset
    • PBCH, RS, and SS Power
    • Signal Quality (EVM)
    • MIMO Antenna Power and Time Alignment Error (TAE)
    • Channel Power and Occupied Bandwidth
    • TDD Frame Power
    • ACLR and Spectral Emissions Masks
    • Time Alignment Error
    • Resource Block Usage
    • OFDM Symbol Transmit Power (OSTP)

  • 5GNR 基地台測量 – 使用完全符合 3GPP TS 38.104 V15 的基本測量來驗證 gNB 基地台的效能,其中包括:
    • 頻率誤差
    • 時間偏移
    • 單元/區段 ID
    • 調製品質
    • 不必要的輻射
    • 佔用頻寬
    • 鄰道洩漏率
    • 發射器雜散至 12.75 GHz
    • EIRP
    • 同步訊號區塊 (SSB)

  • 5G 覆蓋範圍映射 – 透過連續測量射頻資料 (包括 5G 頻道功率、EIRP 或 RSRP),並在數位地圖或建築平面圖上以圖形方式顯示結果,可清楚地表示 5G 發射器在預定地理區域的訊號強度。
頻率範圍 MS2090A-0709 9 kHz 至 9 GHz
MS2090A-0714 9 kHz 至 14 GHz
MS2090A-0720 9 kHz 至 20 GHz
MS2090A-0726 9 kHz 至 26.5 GHz
MS2090A-0732 9 kHz 至 32 GHz
MS2090A-0743 9 kHz 至 43.5 GHz
MS2090A-0754 9 kHz 至 54 GHz
DANL (含前級放大器) -164 dBm
TOI +20 dBm
分析頻寬 110 MHz
解調製 5GNR, LTE FDD, RF, and modulation quality plus SSB signal analysis
Amp 範圍 DANL 至 +30 dBm
1 GHz 的相位雜訊 -110 dBc/Hz,偏移為 100 kHz (典型值)
解析度頻寬 (RBW) 1 Hz 至 10 MHz
輸入 SWR 1.5
振幅準確度 < 14 GHz ±1.3 dB (±0.5 dB 典型值)
RTSA 頻寬 22, 55, 110 MHz (option dependent)
特性 說明
MS2090A-0709 9 kHz 至 9 GHz
MS2090A-0714 9 kHz 至 14 GHz
MS2090A-0720 9 kHz 至 20 GHz
MS2090A-0726 9 kHz 至 26.5 GHz
MS2090A-0732 9 kHz 至 32 GHz
MS2090A-0743 9 kHz 至 43.5 GHz
MS2090A-0754 9 kHz 至 54 GHz
MS2090A-0006 Remove Wi-Fi
MS2090A-0019 High Accuracy Power Meter
MS2090A-0024* Interference Finder (Option 31 and directional antenna recommended, sold separately)
MS2090A-0090* Gated Sweep
MS2090A-0031* GPS 接收器 (需要 GPS 天線,單獨出售)
MS2090A-0089* Zero span IF output
MS2090A-0103* 55 MHz 分析頻寬
MS2090A-0104* 110 MHz 分析頻寬
MS2090A-0124* IQ Waveform Capture
MS2090A-0125* IQ Waveform Streaming (requires option 124)
MS2090A-0126* IQ Waveform Capture (non export controlled)
MS2090A-0127* IQ Waveform Streaming (non export controlled)
MS2090A-0128* Vector Signal Analysis Enabled (requires option 124 or 126)
MS2090A-0199* 即時頻譜分析儀
MS2090A-0331* S331P support
MS2090A-0400* Vision Monitor Enabled
MS2090A-0407* High-Speed Port Scanner
MS2090A-0421* Pulse Analyzer
MS2090A-0431* Coverage Mapping (requires GPS option MS2090A-0031)
MS2090A-0444* EMF Measurement (SPA mode, frequency selective; requires Anritsu Isotropic Antenna)
MS2090A-0445* EMF Meter Enabled (Broadband EMF measurements from 20 MHz to 40 GHz with the 2000-1985-R Isotropic EMF Probe)
MS2090A-0509* AM/FM Modulation measurements
MS2090A-0883* LTE FDD Measurements (requires Option 31)
MS2090A-0888* 5G NR 下行量測 (需要選件 31)
MS2090A-xxxx-097 ISO17025 和 ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 的認可校準 (xxxx 是頻率選項編號)
MS2090A-xxxx-098 ISO17025 和 ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 的標準校準 (xxxx 是頻率選項編號)
MS2090A-xxxx-099 ISO17025 和 ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 的高階校準及測試資料 (xxxx 是頻率選項編號)

* Timed-Limited Options: Options marked with an asterisk are offered as a 90-day time limited option by ordering as a -9xxx series option. For example, MS2090A-9888 is the 90-day time limited option for 5GNR FDD/TDD Measurements. The option start time begins when the user first activates the option.