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Expanding the lineup of 5G evaluation solutions to promote smarter IoT devices



Anritsu Corporation is pleased to announce that Anritsu has expanded the lineup of 5G device evaluation solutions necessary for promoting smartness in society by utilizing DX.

Anritsu will collaborate with customers and partners who evaluates IoT devices and utilize measurement technology and communication knowledge to contribute to the smartening of society.

Development Background

Until now, the radio communication test station MT8000A has been widely used for performance evaluation of 5G advanced devices such as smartphones. 5G supports not only smartphones but also various use cases and is expected to be an infrastructure technology that supports stable services in the future as society becomes smarter. To realize stable services, it is important not only to evaluate the infrastructure, but also to evaluate the 5G connectivity and service quality of diversified devices such as IoT devices. For example, to realize stable services in smart factories and smart logistics, it is indispensable to evaluate the quality of drones, AMRs, industrial robots, XR equipment, etc. individually.

However, while 5G is expected to be used for various use cases, existing quality evaluation solutions for smartphones is excessive high functionality and high cost as quality evaluation solutions for IoT devices. To solve this problem, Anritsu has expanded the solutions for evaluating the following smart services and prepared the solutions that are more suitable for the cost effective of end users.

Solutions Outline

  • Basic evaluation of wireless performance
    In the wireless evaluation for wireless developers of IoT devices and device suppliers such as antenna devices, unlike the evaluation of completed smartphones, RF performance evaluation is mostly performed in a basic wireless connection environment such as SISO from the viewpoint of required communication data capacity. In this performance evaluation, CA functions such as LTE-Advanced and higher-order MIMO for smartphones functionalities are excessive. With the release of the 5G Entry Model, Anritsu supports the necessary and sufficient wireless evaluation function, and can start the evaluation of advanced smart devices at low cost.

  • Service evaluation
    To realize smartness, it is important to evaluate quality at the service level not only for wireless but also for confirming whether the expected service is realized. This evaluation requires not only the normal wireless communication function, but also the evaluation of whether the system is fail-safe in the event of a communication abnormality and whether the system is operating as expected. SmartStudioNR is the perfect solution for easy-to-use evaluation of these service levels. This time, Anritsu can evaluate the service quality of LTE + 5G, which was realized by multiple signaling testers, with only one MT8000A, so that the service level can be evaluated at a lower price and with a small footprint.


  • 5G Entry Model
    The MT8000A Entry Model enables a 5G NR EN-DC connection configuration with a single cost-effective unit. NR / LTE are transmitted by SISO for Downlink 1 / Uplink 1 component carriers respectively. It also supports FR2 millimeter waves.

  • SmartStudio NR
    In 5G device evaluation, terminal function evaluation assumes a network connection based on the communication protocol, and in particular, connection with an application server located on the network side is essential for service evaluation. To easily build such an evaluation environment, SmartStudio NR enables network connection evaluation of 5G devices by interactive operation with the state machine GUI.

We offer attractive plans such as customer technical support and evaluation software evaluation lending so that customers who are promoting smart devices can smoothly evaluate 5G devices. For more information, please contact the following inquiries or our sales representative.

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