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Bureau Veritas Selects Anritsu ME7800L System to Step Up the Certification Testing Capability


Simple Conformance Test System ME7800L

Anritsu is pleased to announce that Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services (Bureau Veritas) has chosen Anritsu’s latest Conformance Test System ME7800L, as its new LTE and Internet of things (IoT) conformance test and certification platform.

With major operators in North American and Mainland China have started deployment of IoT services, followed by more rollouts in Japan, the EU, etc., during 2017. It is expected to see widespread use in various fields, such as smart meters, home security, freight tracking, automated point of sales (POS), health-care equipment, etc. These devices will spring up in the near future, which also means more IoT testing and certification demands will emerge.

As a leading provider of testing and certification services, Bureau Veritas has always been focused on offering substantial assistance to clients in their development of certification technology, and helping them effectively reduce the costs of testing and certification.

Anritsu’s Simple Conformance Test System ME7800L enables simple and cost-effective RF, Radio resource management (RRM) and Protocol Conformance Tests of 3GPP-compliant LTE mobile terminals on one single platform. ME7800L system supports GCF/PTCRB Conformance Tests, and received GCF/PTCRB approval as a new test platform. In addition, ME7800L also get RF, RRM and Protocol certification for the Cat M1 and NB-IoT Conformance Test. In addition, this test platform also can support IMS protocol conformance testing.

"This new force — ME7800L system will bring BVCPS E&E with more flexible and cost-effective testing & certification momentum. The ME7800L is definitely compliant with Bureau Veritas' stringent requirements for testing and certification, and further to meet its customers’ needs" said Mr. Petrushka Hsueh, Manager of Sales & Technical Support Department, Anritsu Taiwan. “Anritsu attaches great importance to the quality of the testing equipment. With leveraging the same hardware and software core from Anritsu’s popular and reliable Protocol Conformance Test System ME7834LA and RF Test Platform ME7873LA, ME7800L brings comparable testing quality and stability in one simple package.”

Mr. Elio Sun, Director of Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services Division, Electrical & Electronic Business Line, Taiwan (BVCPS E&E Taiwan) commented, "Bureau Veritas CPS E&E Taiwan is a global leading organization in testing, inspection, and certification, playing an important role for the issuance of type approval certificate for Electrical and Electric and wireless related products for years, offering a comprehensive "one-stop" testing and certification solutions of all kind of connectivity technologies for wireless devices in order to support our clients enhance their market competitiveness and faster access IoT/Smartworld marketplace. As for NB-IoT (Narrowband IoT) is a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) radio technology standard developed to enable a wide range of devices and services to be connected using cellular telecommunications bands. Its technology has became an essential factor for all operators to gain more market share and faster access IoT/Smartworld. Nowadays, NB-IoT technology continued to bloom and are unfolding on many fronts, manufactures should fully understand and streamline the target market’s local regulatory requirement during the product R&D process in order to support client’s product time-to-the-market” “Bureau Veritas has foreseeing the developing trend, and now is the first laboratory around the world to adapt Anritsu ME7800L system. Through ME7800L system, Bureau Veritas not only can perform the LTE RF/RRM/Protocol, Cat M1 and NB-IoT conformance certification testing, but also support the latest GCF/PTCRB band technology which has tremendous optimized the entirely testing process, by utilizing ME7800L system are ready to help our customers bring their new devices to market as quickly as possible.” said by Mr. Elio Sun.

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