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Anritsu New 100G BERTWave MP2110A with BERTS and Sampling Oscilloscope


BERTWave MP2110A for Evaluating and Cutting Production Costs of 100-Gbit/s Multi-channel Optical Modules


Anritsu Corporation is launching the company’s new BERTWave MP2110A series optimized for manufacturing inspection of 100-Gbit/s multi-channel optical modules.

The newly added BERTWave MP2110A is an all-in-one instrument targeted at simultaneous BER measurements and Eye pattern analysis required for evaluation of optical modules and optical devices used by optical communications systems, including 100 GbE, InfiniBand EDR, 32G Fibre Channel, etc.

Not only does the all-in-one MP2110A design cut instrument capital costs, but high-speed sampling shortens measurement times, and the high-sensitivity Error Detector performance improves yields to help slash optical module and optical device production costs.

[Development Background]
Data traffic volumes are exploding as actively growing providers bring new unique services online. As well as improving the processing power of data-center systems, another key issue is how to manage growing costs; one solution has been to increase the bit rates of optical modules used in data centers from 10G to 25G while keeping costs low.

To meet these needs, Anritsu is releasing its all-in-one BERTWave MP2110A with built-in BERT for up to 4ch, and sampling oscilloscope up to 2ch for efficient evaluations of multi-channel optical modules used by 100 GbE standards, such as QSFP28, and other standards, such as InfiniBand EDR, 32G Fibre Channel, etc.

[Outline of BERTWave MP2110A]
The BERTWave MP2110A supports simultaneous BER measurements and Eye pattern analyses. Unlike previous measurement environments requiring two separate instruments for measuring the BER and analyzing Eye patterns, only one MP2110A is required for these evaluations, helping cut instrument capital costs and saving equipment installation space.

In addition, to shorten tact times on optical module and optical device production lines, the MP2110A maximum sampling speed has been increased to 250 ksamples/s, slashing Eye pattern analysis times for Eye Mask tests, etc., by 75% compared to earlier instruments. Moreover, the MP2110A supports options for expanding the built-in Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT) to 4ch at up to 28.2 Gbit/s, and the built-in sampling oscilloscope to 2ch. As a result, the MP2110A can perform simultaneous TRx BER measurements of multi-channel optical modules, such as QSFP28, and simultaneous 2ch Eye pattern analyses, slashing measurement times by up to 65% compared to previous measurement systems.

Furthermore, with a minimum sensitivity of –15 dBm (typ., SMF), the sampling oscilloscope optical interface supports accurate Eye pattern analysis of signals that have been attenuated by switches, etc. The excellent PPG Jitter performance of only 600 fs rms (typ.) and ED sensitivity of 25 mV (typ.) also support measurement with better performance than the device under test (DUT).

[Key Features]

  • All In One simultaneous TRx tests of optical modules and optical devices
  • Sampling oscilloscope with high-speed sampling and high-sensitivity optical interface
  • Built-in low-jitter, high-sensitivity BERT supporting up to 4ch
  • Built-in PC for stable operation


BERTWave Series Line


Target Markets: PHY layer performance evaluation of 100-Gbit/s optical transceiver modules (CFP2, QSFP28, SFP28, Active Optical Cable, Direct Attach Cable, etc.) and associated devices and cables

Target Applications: High-speed electronic devices, optical devices, optical modules, optical device manufacturing

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