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Benchtop Simulation of EU/Russia Emergency Road Assistance Systems — Signalling Tester Solutions MD8475A

MD8475A now supports eCall/ERA GLONASS measurement solutions, helping expand mobile broadband business applications.


Anritsu Corporation announced the start of orders for the eCall Tester MX703330E and MSD ERA GLONASS MX703330E-031 options for the company’s popular Signalling Tester MD8475A, supporting benchtop tests for the European eCall System and Russian ERA GLONASS system.

The MD8475A operates as a base station simulator for each communications system using hardware and software installed in the main frame. Using the newly developed MX703330E and MX703330E-031 announced today in combination with the MD8475A supports in-house testing and evaluation of communications modules (in-vehicle equipment) with built-in eCall/ERA GLONASS functions, as well as general evaluation following installation of these modules in automobiles. Since it is difficult to test emergency call systems using a live network, the eCall/ERA GLONASS application supports laboratory testing. Consequently, the new system not only cuts development time but also reduces costs because evaluations can be performed in-house using the base station simulator.

The MD8475A is used worldwide by communications carriers and mobile terminal makers as an instrument for verifying the performance and functions of mobile terminals. The recent spread of M2M applications is also increasing the number of enquiries from communications module vendors. With this new release, the MD8475A now supports eCall/ERA GLONASS measurement solutions, helping expand mobile broadband business applications.


[Development Background]

Mobile communications have increasing numbers of applications, and demand for mobile test environments is growing. Not only are automobiles becoming internet connected but there is also an increasing need for a test environment supporting automobile applications, such as accident emergency assistance systems now being rolled-out in Europe and Russia. With its easy-to-use dedicated SmartStudio GUI, the MD8475A is ideal for evaluating in-vehicle equipment without requiring specialist knowledge of mobile communications, so developers can easily develop new applications without worrying about mobile communications protocols. In particular, today’s announcement offering an eCall/ERA GLONASS test environment for the MD8475A greatly simplifies application development and evaluation.


[Product Outline]

The eCall Tester MX703330E is application software for the Signalling Tester MD8475A which simulates the European eCall system. Using it in combination with the MD8475A supports verification of PSAP sequences used by eCall in-vehicle communications. Additionally, it can also simulate and test communications faults, which is difficult to achieve on a live network.

Further, adding the MSD ERA GLONASS option MX703330E-031 expands the simulation coverage to support the Russian ERA GLONASS system as well as the eCall system.

Signalling Tester MD8475A

The MD8475A is composed of a main frame and hardware and measurement software options supporting the various communications technologies; it is an all-in-one base station simulator for testing multi-standard mobile terminals. It can be used to configure a customized test environment matching the application for the best cost performance.  Setting of communications and operation parameters is simplified by the easy-to-use GUI. The MD8475A also supports Category-4 compliant Throughput tests (150 Mbps down (from base station to terminal) and 50 Mbps up (from terminal to base station).


[Target Markets and Applications]

■ Target Markets: Communications module vendors, in-vehicle equipment vendors, automobile makers, communications carriers

■ Target Applications: Evaluation of eCall, ERA GLONASS applications

About Anritsu

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