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Anritsu Company Enhances Network Master™ Pro MT1000A with High-speed Fibre Channel Support, Expanded Ethernet Diagnostics

High-speed Fibre Channel support and more detailed Ethernet testing maintain position of MT1000A as the only optical network tester the field technician needs.


Anritsu today introduced a series of enhancements to its MT1000A Network Master Pro all-in-one transport network field tester, including support of high-speed Fibre Channel systems and more expanded Ethernet diagnostic capabilities.

The addition of the capability to test Fibre Channel links up to 10 Gbps means that operators with Fibre Channel systems in Storage Area Networks (SAN), alongside other transport technologies such as OTN, Ethernet, and SDH/SONET, can use the MT1000A alone to meet all their field testing needs.

The portable, compact and user-friendly MT1000A supports all of these protocols and various legacy technologies, which means that a field technician only needs to carry this one instrument to be able to test any element of the transport network. The deployment of an all-in-one tester such as the MT1000A helps to reduce the operator’s capital expenditure and simplifies asset management, as well as eliminating the requirement to train technicians in the use of multiple instruments.

Anritsu has added new features to strengthen the diagnostic capabilities of the MT1000A. For instance, a new IP Channel Statistics feature allows the user to identify error streams, top talkers, and network attacks, as well as to troubleshoot Ethernet and IP network issues more deeply. For advanced Ethernet troubleshooting the MT1000A now captures live traffic frames that can be analysed using the Wireshark® protocol analysis software, displaying the details on the MT1000A’s own screen or on a PC.

The enhanced MT1000A now also features a 10 G WAN PHY, used when a customer wants to send 10 Gbps Ethernet traffic through an operator’s SDH or SONET network.

The MT1000A Network Master Pro is the first compact all-in-one OTN tester to give the user the capability to test the network with Ethernet, Fibre Channel and SDH/SONET client signals, at rates up to 10 Gbps. It also handles legacy PDH and DSn interfaces. These features are becoming more important as the adoption of OTN and OTN switching becomes more widespread across today’s networks.

“With these enhancements, customers can test Fibre Channel systems and other technologies they need to install and maintain OTN, Ethernet and SDH/SONET networks,” said Ivan Chen, General Manager of Anritsu Taiwan. “The MT1000A Network Master Pro gives field technicians a universal tool to test all the technologies used by the networks they manage. These enhancements provide new capability for troubleshooting of live Ethernet and IP signals, and enable in-depth analysis of the protocols running on the Ethernet lines.”

Key features of the MT1000A Network Master Pro include:

  • All-in-one – supports testing from 1.5 Mbps to 10 Gbps
    - OTN up to OTU2 incl. mapping of Ethernet/SDH/SONET client signals, ODU0, ODUflex,
      ODU1 and ODU2, multistage mapping and FEC (Forward Error Correction)
    - Ethernet up to 10 GigE including RFC 2544 and Y.1564 testing
    - Ethernet OAM up to 10 GigE
    - Synchronous Ethernet up to 10 GigE (G.826x and IEEE 1588 v2)
    - MPLS-TP and PBB/PBB-TE up to 10 G
    - IP Channel Statistics up to 10 GigE
    - Frame capture for advanced troubleshooting
    - 10 G WAN PHY
    - Fibre Channel up to 10 G
    - SDH/SONET up to STM-64/OC-192
    - PDH/DSn (E1, E3, E4, DS1, DS3)
  • Easy and intuitive GUI
  • LAN connectivity
  • PDF and XML report generation for documentation of test results
  • Remote operation
  • Remote control (scripting)
  • Compact and lightweight design for portability in the field
  • Battery operated

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