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Anritsu Introduces First HSPA Evolution Test Capability

Software for Signaling Tester and Radio Communications Analyzers Developed to Help Handset Manufacturers Improve Time To Market


Anritsu Company introduces HSPA Evolution software packages for its MD8480C signaling tester and MT8820B/MT8815B radio communications analyzers that create the first test solutions for the next-generation 3.5G technology. The software will allow developers of HSPA Evolution handsets to verify performance of their user equipment (UE) during development and manufacturing, and help speed time to market of the devices.

The MX848001C-12 option for the MD8480C allows users to conduct packet connection tests using the Continuous Packet Connectivity (CPC) function, a 3GPP Release 7 feature for HSPA Evolution. With the software installed, the MD8480C is well suited for coupling tests and protocol sequence evaluation of chipsets and mobile devices utilizing HSPA Evolution.

For the MT8820B/MT8815B, Anritsu has developed the MX882000C-031 application software, which supports HSPA Evolution tests of radio characteristics. The MT8820B/MT8815B can conduct tests of RF Tx and Rx characteristics at the maximum 21 Mbps data rate, as well as call processing in the test loop mode, when the software is installed. All of these measurements are required for R&D and manufacturing of HSPA Evolution mobile terminals.

MT8820B/MT8815B Radio Communication Analyzers The MT8820B/MT8815B support evaluation of virtually all the mobile terminal technologies used worldwide, including W-CDMA/HSPA, CDMA2000 1X/1xEV-DO, GSM/GPRS/EGPRS, and TD-SCDMA. Installing dedicated hardware and software packages for each technology permits this all-in-one tester to perform all the key tests of world mobile terminals.

The MT8820B supports Anritsu's patented built-in Parallelphone measurement function that allows a single instrument to measure two mobiles simultaneously. The small-footprint MT8815B saves valuable bench top space for single mobile station measurements.

MD8480C Signaling Tester The MD8480C simulates base stations so that handset developers can easily and efficiently define the protocol sequence for communication between mobile terminals and base stations, as well as the setting parameters. In addition to the normal communication procedure defined in the 3GPP standards, the MD8480C also supports generation of operation faults to imitate real-world connections with base stations, making it a solution for emulating mobile terminal functions under various conditions.