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MT1000A support for WLAN

When using the MT1000A WLAN functions in countries and regions not described in the table, there is a risk of contravening the laws regulating use of the radio spectrum in those countries and regions.

产品手册 pdf 37.7 KB 2023/1/19

Spectrum Master MS2712E and MS2713E Product Brochure

The Spectrum Master was designed specifically for field environments. Rugged case and splash proof design, the Spectrum Master works in the most extreme weather conditions. P/N: 11410-00518

产品手册 pdf 26.2 MB Version: T 2022/12/23

VNA Master MS202xC and MS203xC Product Brochure

The VNA Master specifically addresses complex cable, waveguide and antenna measurement needs in the field with accurate, vector corrected 2-port magnitude, phase, and Time or Distance Domain measurements. P/N: 11410-00544

产品手册 pdf 14.5 MB Version: N 2022/12/23

Installation, Maintenance and Optimization Solutions Brochure

Discover Anritsu's best-in-class tools which will help your technicians and engineers optimize all areas of your network and elevate your network reliability to best-in-class. P/N: 11410-00617

产品手册 pdf 1.8 MB Version: H 2022/12/22

Rubidium RF/Microwave Signal Generator MG362x1A Product Brochure

Rubidium MG362x1A signal generator product line pushes the performance envelope of signal purity and frequency stability to new levels that are unmatched in the industry. Its built-in, easy-to-use, at location frequency and power calibration capability offers exceptional overall utility and value. P/N: 11410-02866

产品手册 pdf 3.4 MB Version: B 2022/12/22

Anritsu's RF and Microwave Test and Measurement Solutions Product Brochure

Overview of RF and Microwave instruments available to meet a variety of solutions. Featuring the frequency range, measurements, and other key features. P/N: 11410-00800

产品手册 pdf 11.4 MB Version: AC 2022/12/21

Anritsu RF and Microwave Handheld Analyzers Solution Poster

Poster showcasing the RF and Microwave Handheld analyzers options. Features Cable and Antenna Analyzers, Base Station Analyzers, Field Master Pro, Spectrum Analyzers, Vector Network Analyzers, and PIM Analyzers. P/N: 11410-00571

产品手册 pdf 325.0 KB Version: T 2022/12/21

ElectroMagnetic Field Measurements Product Brochure

ElectroMagnetic Field (EMF) Measurement System is designed to measure radiation compliance with various national standards for personal safety set by governmental regulatory authorities. Many countries have mandated EMF safety testing in areas where cellular or other high power transmission antennas are located. P/N: 11410-00838

产品手册 pdf 5.6 MB Version: H 2022/12/21

Spectrum Master MS2712E and MS2713E Quick Fact Sheet

This quick 2 page overview highlights the key specifications, accessories, and available options. P/N: 11410-00628

产品手册 pdf 1.3 MB Version: L 2022/12/21

VNA Master MS202xC and MS203xC Quick Fact Sheet

Quick overview of the features, specifications, options, and accessories available in this 2 page flyer. PN: 11410-00627

产品手册 pdf 1.4 MB Version: F 2022/12/21

Signal Analyzer MS2840A-040/041 (3.6 GHz/6.0 GHz model)

Signal Analyzer MS2840A-040/041 has been developed for R&D and manufacturing of wireless equipment and devices. It has standard spectrum analyzer functions and covers a measurement frequency range from 9 kHz to 3.6 GHz/6 GHz. The close-in SSB phase noise performance is best-of-class for current middle range models and the figures are equal to the high-grade models (–123 dBc/Hz at 1 GHz measurement frequency and 10 kHz offset frequency). Additionally, dedicated options for MS2840A-040/041 greatly enhance their performance to exceed that of other makers’ high-grade models (–133 dBc/Hz at measurement frequency of 500 MHz and offset frequency of 10 kHz). The standard built-in signal analyzer function supports instantaneous monitoring of spectrums, as well as various measurements, including Frequency vs. Time, Phase vs. Time, spectrogram displays, etc. Adding vector modulation analysis software, analog measurement software, vector/analog signal generator options support evaluation of various digital and analog wireless equipment/devices and also adds functions for measuring amplifier noise figure (NF) values.

产品手册 pdf 5.1 MB 2022/12/20

Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A - 32G/64G NRZ/PAM4 Signal Integrity Test Solution

Data center and network traffic volumes are increasing exponentially as mobile networks start upgrading to 5G and ‘Big Data’ applications become popular. As a consequence, physical-layer devices are required to support faster transmission speeds, larger data capacities, and assured signal quality, in turn making signal integrity analysis ever more important. To meet these needs, Anritsu has implemented more accurate signal integrity tests, such as bit error rate (BER) measurements, crosstalk tests, Jitter Tolerance tests, etc., in its MP1900A test solution for 32G/64G NRZ/PAM4.

产品手册 pdf 5.7 MB 2022/12/19

Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A - PCIe/USB/Thunderbolt Test Solutions

Anritsu’s Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A series is a high performance BERT with 8 slots for modules, such as a 32 Gbit/s Multi-channel PPG, ED, 32G/64G PAM4 PPG, 32G PAM4 ED and Jitter/Noise Generator, to expand measurement applications supporting signal integrity analyses of ever-faster devices. In addition to Physical layer measurement functions for broadband network interfaces, the all-in-one MP1900A supports PCI Express bus, etc., interface measurements.

产品手册 pdf 5.5 MB 2022/12/19

Vector Network Analysis Product Portfolio

In 1965, Anritsu filed the patent that defined the first modern Vector Network Analyzer (VNA). We are proud to continue that tradition of innovation to the present day—with the world’s first portfolio of VNAs that bring Nonlinear Transmission Line (NLTL) technology to every measurement scenario from on-wafer device characterization to R&D testing to manufacturing and field operations. P/N: 11410-00905

产品手册 pdf 9.7 MB Version: M 2022/12/19

Spectrum Master MS2720T Quick Fact Sheet

This 2 page Quick Fact Sheet highlights the capabilities and functions, including key specifications, accessories and available options. P/N: 11410-00677

产品手册 pdf 943.7 KB Version: H 2022/12/19

Spectrum Master MS2720T Product Brochure

The Spectrum Master MS2720T features over 30 analyzers in one to meet virtually every measurement need. P/N: 11410-00647

产品手册 pdf 22.5 MB Version: P 2022/12/19

Signalling Tester MD8430A

Mobile UEs are quickly becoming fast multimedia terminals due to widespread adoption of the next-generation LTE radio communications standard. The Signalling Tester MD8430A is a key LTE base station simulator for developing LTE-compliant chipsets and mobile devices. Using its extensive experience in 3G markets, Anritsu has developed the MD8430A as a powerful LTE protocol R&D test solution to help developers bring LTE terminals to market as fast as possible.

产品手册 pdf 2.2 MB 2022/12/14

Coherent OTDR MW90010A

The Coherent OTDR (C-OTDR) MW90010A is a measuring instrument for detecting faults in ultra-long optical submarine cables of up to 12,000 km including multiple repeaters (EDFAs). It is the ideal solution for evaluating new cables at service deployment as well as for troubleshooting in-service faults.

产品手册 pdf 1.7 MB 2022/12/14

New Radio RF Conformance Test System ME7873NR

The New Radio RF Conformance Test System ME7873NR is a RF Conformance Test (RFCT) platform for RF transmitter / receiver characteristics, performance requirements, and RRM testing of 5G mobile devices compliant with 3GPP standards. Based on the solid and trusted achievements selected and used by customers around the world in the 3G (W-CDMA) and 4G (LTE) era, we will continue to release timely test cases for 5G.

产品手册 pdf 2.2 MB 2022/12/7

Radio Communication Analyzer MT8821C

The Radio Communication Analyzer MT8821C platform covers a frequency range of 30 MHz to 3.8 GHz (3.8 GHz to 6.0 GHz). When the dedicated optional measurement software and hardware is installed, the major TX and RX characteristics of LTE/LTE-Advanced (DL 3CA with 2x2 MIMO, UL 2CA, etc...) W-CDMA/HSPA/HSPA Evolution/DC-HSPA/4C-HSDPA, GSM/GPRS/EGPRS, CDMA2000 1X/1xEV-DO Rev. A,and TD-SCDMA/HSPA/HSDPA Evolution terminals can be measured using a single MT8821C unit.

产品手册 pdf 2.9 MB 2022/12/6



Firmware and documents for MT9085A8/B8/C8 are contained in the zip file. MD5 : 25ddff353ffd20588473b1a8f80aa5a3

驱动程序/软件下载 zip 39.1 MB Version: v2.03 2023/1/26

IQ Signal Master MX280005A Vector Signal Analysis software

The MX280005A software is designed to offer a comprehensive suite of post processing applications for all IQ files that have been captured on Anritsu MS2090A, MS27201A, and MS2710xA spectrum analyzers. Supported analysis includes IQ file playback and modulation quality measurements. In addition to analyzing the data, the file converter option enables IQ data captured on an Anritsu spectrum analyzer to be converted to the format required by an MG3710E, and then loaded into that VSG for playback.

驱动程序/软件下载 msi 33.2 MB Version: V2023.1.1 2023/1/24

Release History for the IQ Signal Master MX280005A Software

Release history for the Vector Modulation Analysis Software MX280005A.

驱动程序/软件下载 pdf 483.8 KB Version: V2023.1.1 2023/1/24

SEEK Scenario for Layer 2 Control Plane Transparency Testing (L2CP)

The files in the folder are as follows: L2CP.obcfg MD5:019609f9755e5974d4becf5eb6c8d2af

驱动程序/软件下载 zip 12.2 MB Version: v1.1 2023/1/18

Field Master Pro Instrument Software

This firmware contains the latest updates and features for your instrument. Download the file to a USB storage device, plug the device into the instrument, and update the software from the system information page.

驱动程序/软件下载 raucb 486.1 MB Version: V2022.9.2 2023/1/17

Field Master Pro PC Software

Remote user interface for the MS2090A. Connect to any MS2090A on the network by entering the IP address. Download and install on any PC using Windows 7, 8.1, or 10.

驱动程序/软件下载 exe 152.7 MB Version: V2022.9.2 2023/1/17

Release History for the Field Master Pro Software

Release history for the Field Master Pro software which works with Field Master Pro MS2090A.

驱动程序/软件下载 pdf 115.2 KB Version: V2022.9.2 2023/1/17

Firmware for RSM MS27100A, MS27101A, MS27102A and MS27103A

Download the latest firmware for the Anritsu Remote Spectrum Monitor models MS27100A, MS27101A, MS27103A, and MS27103A.

驱动程序/软件下载 tar 55.7 MB Version: 2018.9.7 2022/12/21

Firmware Revision History for the MS2710xA

Firmware Revision History for the MS27100A, MS27101A, MS27102A, and MS27103A Spectrum Monitors.

驱动程序/软件下载 pdf 278.8 KB Version: 2018.9.7 2022/12/21

FOSS Disclosures and Licenses

Disclosures for use of free and open source software.

驱动程序/软件下载 zip 7.9 MB Version: 2021-11 2022/12/21

Firmware Update for the PIM Master MW82119B

This firmware update contains the latest upgrades for your PIM Master MW82119B. Once downloaded, run the file on your computer to see the installation instructions.

驱动程序/软件下载 exe 27.8 MB Version: 4.51 2022/12/15

Firmware Revision History for MW82119B

Firmware release history for the MW82119B PIM Master, Battery Operated, Passive Intermodulation Analyzer.

驱动程序/软件下载 pdf 479.5 KB Version: 4.51 2022/12/15

Software Update MT8852B Firmware version 5.00.026

MT8852B Firmware Version 5.00.026 MD5 :c5352e62d8169ffeb77eaa00d1f2efda

驱动程序/软件下载 zip 4.6 MB Version: 5.00.026 2022/12/12


Software of MT1040A. It supports operation with the following modules. MU104011A 100G Multirate Module MU104014A 400G(QSFP-DD) Multirate module MU104015A 400G(OSFP) Multirate module MU100010A 10G Multirate Module MU100011A 100G Multirate Module MU100020A OTDR Module MU100021A OTDR Module MU100022A OTDR Module MU100023A OTDR Module The file size is large, so download after checking your bandwidth. MD5 : 9883f3f09b5376c976b7e700ed86f236

驱动程序/软件下载 zip 1.6 GB Version: 12.07 2022/12/8

Network Master Pro/Flex Release Notes

Release information for the latest version of MT1000A/MT1100A

驱动程序/软件下载 pdf 433.9 KB Version: 12.07 2022/12/8

MX100001A windows control software

MX100001A windows control software. MD5 : 8189b3929b7613b3cc555b1b6362edaf

驱动程序/软件下载 zip 78.6 MB Version: 12.07 2022/12/8

MX100001A windows control software

MX100001A windows control software. MD5 : 8189b3929b7613b3cc555b1b6362edaf

驱动程序/软件下载 zip 78.6 MB Version: 12.07 2022/12/8

MX100001A windows control software

MX100001A windows control software. MD5 : 8189b3929b7613b3cc555b1b6362edaf

驱动程序/软件下载 zip 78.6 MB Version: 12.07 2022/12/8

Network Master Pro Release Notes

Release information for the latest version of MT1040A.

驱动程序/软件下载 pdf 222.1 KB Version: 12.07 2022/12/8


Software of MT1100A. MD5 : 0c883d0e4db2535e3ee59c4c59c271fe

驱动程序/软件下载 zip 784.5 MB Version: 12.07 2022/12/8