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CMA5000 OSA Application



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CMA5000 Optical Spectrum Analysis Application

Today's competitive environment demands that networks offer exceptional performance and reliability with minimal down time. When characterizing and documenting such stringent performance levels, the CMA5000 Optical Spectrum Analysis (OSA) application is the ideal single solution for facilitating accurate and efficient channel management, power balancing and tuning throughout the network. The OSA application lowers CWDM and DWDM installation and maintenance costs by providing industry leading spectral analysis of system critical parameters. 

Operating from 1250 to 1650nm the OSA module for the CMA5000 is the perfect tool for testing large wavelength range CWDM system and with an ORR up to 65dB, it is also perfect for testing high-capacity DWDM systems and measure true OSNR even with very closed channel spacing.


The Channel selection option allows you to detect and drop any channel from a DWDM system for further analysis with SONET/SDH or Gigabit Ethernet tester. Not only the filter provides a flat-top, sharp edge profile to increase signal to noise ratio but it also features an unique adjustable bandwidth, thus it works with any modulation rate and shape up to 40Gb/s.

With lab specifications, this OSA is ready for field operation and harsh environment. Its internal calibration valid over all temperature range gives you accurate power and wavelength measurement in all conditions without any user calibration.

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