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MT2780A IQ Fiber Master

IQ Fiber Master


The IQ Fiber Master MT2780A is a CPRI based solution that provides PIM diagnosis across multiple bands and sectors using live traffic. Utilizing a non-invasive process that allows the cell site to remain active while testing, the instrument reports real-time results so PIM hunting engineers can optimize their activities.

For supporting documentation, see Library.

IQ Fiber Master MX280020A Control Software

Utilizing a user-supplied PC/laptop, the IQ Fiber Master MX280020A control software is used to interface and control the IQ Fiber Master hardware. It provides the tools needed for configuring the CPRI connection, the various PIM over CPRI test scenarios, and the actual measurements themselves. This software package is a free download to be used in conjunction with the IQ Fiber Master MT2780A hardware or can be used as a standalone software solution to view files created by the IQ Fiber Master device.