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此产品已停产 替换型号: MS9740B

MS9710B光谱分析仪是一种衍生光栅型光谱分析仪,用于分析 600 至 1750 nm波段范围内的光谱。具有自动测量、峰值自动搜索、谱宽计算、标记到标记间光谱测量、SMSR的分析、曲线拟合、OBPF的测试、包络分析、n-dB衰耗、谱功率、WDM波长电平信噪比、光放大器增益、噪声系数、无源器件测试和各种光源分析等。

  • 宽的波长范围:600-1750nm,覆盖单模、多模所有波段
  • 高的波长精度和重复性,测试准确, 1530-1570nm波段的波长精度可达到+/-50pm
  • 70dB的动态范围距离峰值波长1nm的动态范围为70dB
  • 高灵敏度:-90dBm
  • 支持DWDM信道的波长、功率和信噪比的测试

  • Overview
    The MS9710B can measure wavelength, power level and SNR for up to 300 DWDM channels. It can also be used for PMD and EDFA noise floor measurements


  • Tunable Laser Source Tracking

    This internal function eliminates the need for an external controller to make measurements using an Anritsu TLS.

  • Internal Light Sources

    Optional SLD, white light, and reference wavelength light sources can be installed in the MS9710B to simplify measurements. Calibration with the built-in reference source is a one-button operation.

  • L-Band Measurements

    Option 15 improves wavelength accuracy, resolution, power level flatness, and linearity in the 1570 to 1620 nm  L-band region.

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