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Optical Handy Power Meter

此产品已停产 替换型号: CMA5 , CMA50

The ML9002A is a compact handy power meter with a measurement level as wide as other more expensive instruments. Seven optical sensors are available for different wavelengths, measurement levels, and optical input types. Each can be calibrated for three common wavelengths so absolute optical power can be read directly. Each optical sensor can either be incorporated directly in the main frame or connected using a connecting cord. The ML9002A can be used to check optical disks, optical printers and optical communications systems and can back up on-side operations as a powerful multifunctional measuring instrument for maintenance.

Accurate optical power measurement
The power of a narrow beam can be accurately measured even when an adapter is changed because anti-reflection optical sensor is used.

Long-distance measurement with wide measurement level range
An unprecedented wide measurement level has been achieved in this handy optical power meter. Optical power of 70 to +3 dBm (MA9621A Optical Power Sensor) in the 1.3 m band and 70 to +10 dBm (MA9423A Optical Power Sensor) in the 0.85 m band can be measured.

Direct absolute power readings for three wavelengths
Each optical sensor is calibrated at three wavelengths (0.633/0.78/ 0.85 m or 0.66/0.78/0.85 m for short wavelengths, and 0.85/1.3/ 1.55 m for long wavelengths). The absolute power is indicated automatically just by switching to the measured wavelength.

Flexible measurements
Two types of connections, a plug-in system (sensor incorporated into main frame) or a cord system (sensor connected using connecting cord), are possible so that measurement capabilities are flexible.

Monitoring without cutting optical fiber
The optical power in an optical fiber cable (mm, UV-coated fiber) can be measured by using the MA9722A Optical Power Sensor.

Compatible with various connectors
The ML9002A can be quickly connected to FC, D4. RUNGE, ST, DIN, DIAMOND, and SC connectors just by replacing the connector adapter.