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VectorStar 4 端口宽带 VNA ME7838E4/E4X/A4/A4X/D4/G4

The VectorStar series of broadband Vector Network Analyzers offer the widest available 4-port single sweep measurements from 70 kHz to 110, 125, 145, and 150 GHz with mmWave bands up to 1.1 THz

VectorStar ME7838A4 宽带系统利用紧凑的毫米波模块和业界最佳的校准稳定性提供了高性能 4 端口测量。市场上的其他宽带系统仍然只提供原始性能和关键频带上的负方向性,而包含 ME7838A4 4 端口系统的 ME7838 系列是提供所有频带原始方向性的唯一宽带系统。因而会有更好的校准稳定性和更好的测量稳定性,并且大幅延长校准间隔时间,提高测量准确度和生产力。

The VectorStar ME7838x4 Broadband systems provide high performance 4-port measurements utilizing compact mmwave modules with industry-best calibration stability. While other broadband systems continue to provide raw performance with negative directivity in critical frequency bands, the ME7838 series, which includes the 4-port systems includes broadband systems with positive raw directivity. The result is better calibration stability and better measurement stability with significantly longer time between calibrations for accurate measurements and improved productivity. The new ME7838G4 takes high performance 4-port broadband measurements to a new level by incorporating the Anritsu MA25400A mmWave module. The MA25400A module combines Anritsu developed Nonlinear Transmission Line (NLTL) technology in a small, compact high performance mmWave module with a 0.6 mm test port connector for measurements up to 220 GHz.

Spectrum Analyzer Option

The spectrum analyzer option is the world’s first single sweep spectrum analyzer that covers frequency ranges from 70KHz to 220GHz using mm-wave modules. The Spectrum analyzer option is available on all baseband VectorStar models.

The Spectrum Analyzer option (Option 49) allows for convenient spectral domain measurements of quantities such as harmonics, spurs, distortion products, and general frequency content of a variety of devices. Common measurements include harmonics, tone-based distortion measurements, some spurious measurements, and spectral occupancy tests on devices that may include multiple outputs or input-output comparisons.

The noise figure option is based on a cold source technique for improved noise figure measurement accuracy. VectorStar is the only VNA platform capable of measuring noise figure from 70 kHz to 125 GHz and available with an optimized noise receiver for measurements from 30 GHz to 125 GHz. Additionally, VectorStar is the only VNA that offers a Differential Noise Figure option for characterizing the noise figure of differential devices.

For broadband applications, the ME7838 Series offers superior performance and coverage spanning a range from 70 kHz to 110 GHz, 125 GHz and 145 GHz in a single coaxial test port. The Anritsu developed Non-linear Transmission Line mmWave module is compact while providing high performance up to 145 GHz.

The Anritsu MS4640B Vector Network Analyzer offers a new level of performance for device modeling engineers struggling to accurately and reliably characterize their devices, for R&D engineers pushing the last fraction of a dB out of their state-of-the-art designs, and for the manufacturing engineer trying to maximize throughput without sacrificing accuracy. Backed by a 3-year warranty and the most responsive sales support team, the MS4640B is the VNA of choice for the discerning engineer.

VectorStar ME7838 系列宽带 VNA 提供了最宽的单频扫描,从 70 kHz 至 110、125 和 145 GHz,mmWave 频带至 1.1 THz。

  • ME7838E4 系统是 4 端口 70 kHz — 110 GHz 宽带系统。
  • ME7838A4 系统是 4 端口 70 kHz — 110/125 GHz 宽带系统。
  • ME7838D4 系统是 4 端口 70 kHz — 145/150 GHz 宽带系统。
  • ME7838G4 系统是 4 端口 70 kHz — 220 GHz 宽带系统。
  • 可以对系统进行配置,使频段毫米波模块的频率高达 1.1 THz
  • 业界最佳校准与测量稳定性:0.1 dB vs 0.6 dB,24 小时。
  • 系统还支持 3744x-Rx 接收器,以测量最高 125 GHz 的噪音指数
  • 紧凑、轻巧的 mmWave 模块(0.6 lb vs 7+ lbs 和 1/50 体积)为小型探针台提供了低成本安装。

Anritsu has partnered with the following industry-leading companies to provide a variety of proven material measurement capabilities that are compatible with the VectorStar and ShockLine vector network analyzer families.

Material Measurements

Compass Technology Group logo
Compass Technology
Choose from off-the-shelf or custom-designed RF material measurement systems able to measure material properties from 100 MHz to 90 GHz. These solutions include: focused beam, resonant cavity, waveguides, spot probes, free space measurement systems, and more.

Anritsu and Compass Technology Group Material Measurements Solutions
Compass Technology Group VectorStar Integration [video]
KEYCOM Characteristic Technologies logo
Keycom Technologies
Select from a variety of material measurement solutions that leverage various methods including: resonator, frequency change, probe type, co-axial tube and waveguide type S-parameter, free space, capacitance, epsilometery, and more.

Anritsu and Keycom Material Measurement Solution
Swiss to 12 logo
Providing hardware and software technology capable of measuring: solid samples; soft sample and foam; liquid samples and powder; thin films; dielectric coatings and multilayer materials; alumina plate; and more.

Anritsu and SWISSto12 Material Measurement Solution

宽带 VNA 配置:

ME7838E470 kHz – 110 GHz, 4-port Broadband VNA, 1mm coax output
ME7838A470 kHz — 110 GHz,运行至 40 kHz — 125 GHz,4 端口宽带 VNA,1 mm 同轴输出
ME7838D470 kHz – 145 GHz, operational 40 kHz – 150 GHz, 4-port Broadband VNA, 0.8 mm coax output
ME7838G470 kHz – 220 GHz, operational 40 kHz – 226 GHz, 4-port Broadband VNA using 220 GHz MPI Probes