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Flexible, Highly Accurate 40G/100G Test Solution Introduced by Anritsu Company

MP1800 Signal Quality Analyzer Series Provides Industry-Best Quality and Repeatability in Analyzing Optical/Digital Devices Operating Up To 100G


Anritsu Company introduces options for its MP1800 Series that further position the signal quality analyzers as the most accurate, repeatable, and cost-efficient test solutions for analyzing optical and digital devices operating up to 100G. The new plug-in cards, a 28 Gbit/s 1-channel MUX/DEMUX, 28 Gbit/s 2-channel MUX/DEMUX, 14 Gbit/s PPG/ED, and 14 GHz Clock Distributor, are easily integrated into the MP1800, and provide designers and manufacturers of optical modulation devices/components and other digital devices with a single easy-to-use solution for testing their high-speed products.

The new cards take advantage of the MP1800s modular platform architecture and help create a uniquely flexible test environment for ultra high-speed bit error rate (BER) measurement. With the options, the MP1800 can evaluate next-generation IFs supporting frequencies up to 28 Gbit/s; direct-drive EML using high-quality, high-amplitude waveforms up to 3.5 Vp-p; and skew, emphasis, and crosstalk effects up to 28 Gbit/s. Anritsu has developed the MUX/DEMUX modules with all of the key functions and performances required for accurate testing of optical modulation formats, as well as 40G and 100G designs.

Generating the highest quality waveforms in its class, the MP1800 Series ensures high measurement repeatability and an excellent margin for error when analyzing devices under test. The best-in-class performance makes the MP1800 Signal Quality Analyzers well suited for a variety of high-speed design and manufacturing applications, including:

100-Gbit/s Ethernet. The MP1800 supports four 25 Gbit/s outputs to drive four channels of CWDM, as required in IEEE 802.3ba (draft), from a single chassis. Previously, multiple instruments were necessary. Additionally, the signal quality analyzers can drive four channels for DP-QPSK modulation as recommended by the Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF), with high precision skew control for I and Q on both polarizations.

Long-haul 40-Gbit/s transmission. From a single MP1800 chassis, two independent 20 Gbit/s outputs with excellent skew control can be outputted for devices that utilize DQPSK modulation. The MP1800 can also control the crosspoint of optical modulators, making it well suited for directly driving optical modulators.

Ultra-fast interconnects. Tests critical to the accurate evaluation of high-speed optical interconnects, such as skew toleration and the impact of crosstalk, can be conducted with the MP1800. A built-in jitter modulation function supports the worlds first jitter tolerance testing up to 25 Gbit/s.