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Anritsu Company Announces Test Solutions Helping Speed Time to Market of LTE Chipsets and UE

Anritsu Providing Fully Upgradeable LTE Hardware and Software Test Paths to Aid in Design of Protocol Stack and Physical Layer Chipsets


Anritsu Company announces today at CTIA WIRELESS 2008 that its LTE (Long Term Evolution) test solutions are helping chipset and UE customers speed time to market of LTE products. Anritsu remains committed to working closely with its customers and will continue to roll out LTE-based test solutions to provide fully upgradeable hardware and software test paths to aid in the early development of LTE UE protocol and physical layer designs based on the next-generation 3GPP technology.

"Our early involvement with major chipset customers proved to be advantageous in the development of LTE technology. As LTE networks are turned up as early as 2009, we will continue to design innovative test solutions that will allow LTE device and system manufacturers to accurately, quickly, and cost-effectively verify performance," said Anritsu Spokesperson.

Anritsu test solutions for measuring R99, R5, and R6 versions of the 3GPP specifications are currently being used by leading chipset and UE manufacturers. HSPA+ R7 measurement tools are already being introduced to chipset vendors, as Anritsu continues to make significant commitments to develop test instruments for Next Generation Networks (NGN) such as LTE and HSPA+.

Among Anritsu's LTE and HSPA+ test instruments that will be on display at CTIA WIRELESS 2008 are:MD8480C signalling tester, In conjunction with PTS and RTD protocol test solutions, thorough 3GPP 34.123 conformance test and operator terminal acceptance testing of R99, R5 and R6 compliant devices can be achieved. It has comprehensive test capability, such as full coverage of HSDPA/HSUPA categories and data rates, as well as high reliability, quality and usability. To help meet demands from chipset companies and terminal vendors for HSPA Evolution, the MD8480C will have R7 protocol test capability commercially available this quarter.

MG3700A Vector Signal Generator, Providing analysis capabilities for OFDMA and MIMO LTE techniques, the MG3700A features a 160 MHz high-speed arbitrary waveform baseband generator, wide vector modulation bandwidth, and large capacity ARB memory, so it has the performance to provide signal generation for wide-bandwidth wireless communication systems. In the coming months, the MG3700A will be equipped with R7 test tools.

MS269xA Signal Analyzer Series, R7 test capabilities will also be available in the MG269xA series this year, which will complement the signal analyzers' existing LTE measurement tools. The MS269xA series has wideband FFT analysis of 31.25 MHz (optionally up to 125 MHz) to support high-speed continuous measurements, including CCDF, frequency vs. time, spectrum, and power vs. time analysis. It also has a precision digitizer function for capturing and immediately displaying waveforms via an optional signal generator.

MD8430A LTE signalling tester, Anritsu's R&D efforts will be further evident later this year with the introduction of this LTE signalling analyzer. Developed in conjunction with market-leading customers, the MD8430A will have key UE measurement capabilities critical to the successful rollout of LTE.