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The Future of Trace Management


In this webinar, participants will learn about the latest tools for detecting, identifying and determining the sources of unwanted signals. These tools include hardware and software designed for centralized 24/7 spectrum logging, event notification and interactive spectrum analysis for deployments of up to hundreds of remote probes. Also to be discussed will be powerful search algorithms that enable the user to define spectrum limits and apply them to captured historical data, making it easy to retroactively pinpoint spectrum events, observe patterns of violations, geolocate signal sources and plot them via Google Maps.

What you will learn

We review current trace management techniques and why they don’t work so well anymore. We then cover a variety of solutions, including a cloud based trace management solution.

Who should attend

  • RF Engineers
  • Field leads and Administrators who deal with large numbers of line sweep, PIM, and OTDR traces on a daily basis

Presented by

Tom Bell, Senior Product Manager, Anritsu

Tom Elliott, Product Manager, Anritsu