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Spectrum Master MS276xA Software

** Important notice to existing MS2760A users** Beginning with this release (V2019.9.1) the Graphical User Interface (GUI) has been completely revised. This new release has support for the MS2760A models and also adds support for the new MS2762A models. Issues reported in the previous version (V2018.5.2) have been resolved in this version. This new GUI supports the addition of new features much more readily than the previous versions, thus the previous versions will no longer be supported. For more detailed information about the changes in this new release, please read "New in MS276xA Installer V2019.9.1".


文件名: MS276XA_Installer_V2019.9.1.exe
文件大小: 128.1 MB
文件类型: 驱动程序/软件下载
版本: 2019.9.1
发布日期: 2019/9/24
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