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Capture VNA version 2.45

Capture VNA is a Windows program to capture, display, save, and print the graphical and text data from Anritsu's VNAs. The displayed data can be loaded from a floppy disk where it was previously saved at the VNA or captured directly from the VNA over the GPIB port. The displayed data can be saved in a variety of formats (bitmap, S2p, text, etc.) to the PC's internal disk drive or a network drive and printed to a local or network printer (including color). The data can also be copied to the Windows Clipboard to be imported into other Windows programs such as MS Word, Excel, Power Point, Photo Editor, Paint or Notepad. Download and Install Instructions: Download the file below and save it to your PC's hard drive. Unzip the file. Run the setup.exe file to begin the installation process.


文件大小: 2.7 MB
文件类型: 驱动程序/软件下载
版本: v2.6.9
发布日期: 2014/1/14