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Optical Services

Optical Training Services

As the industry leader in the field of fiber-optic installation, commissioning and maintenance solutions, Anritsu understands the importance of education. The fiber optic industry is rapidly progressing and you must remain abreast of the latest technology to be competitive.

Anritsu, your fiber optic testing partner, offers a variety of comprehensive and economical training courses held at an Anritsu training facility, or at your location, for increased convenience and improved efficiency.

Anritsu equipment has tested over 95 percent of the world's fiber. In addition, our technical trainers and engineers have decades of experience in testing, analyzing and training in all aspects of the fiber optic industry.


  • Reduce Cost and Improve Efficiency with Anritsu Training
  • On-Site Training Ensures Minimum Downtime for Technicians and Engineers

  • "Train the Trainer" Classes Educate In-House Training Departments
  • Custom Designed Classes Provide Tailored Training for Specific Needs
  • Standard Classes Provide Cutting Edge Education for Fiber Optic Technicians and Engineers


Available Courses

In addition to Anritsu's standard training courses, Anritsu will gladly tailor a course specifically to your requirements. Standard courses include:

Introduction to Fiber Optics (FIBER101)
This class will give an overview of fiber optics as it relates to building fiber networks, commissioning systems, troubleshooting individual fibers and systems, and restoring service after a break or damage to fiber. This course is one day in duration.

Introduction to Dispersion (DISP101)
Anritsu's introduction to dispersion training class explores and defines the different types of dispersion along with their causes. The course also details the impact that dispersion may have in high-speed communication networks and how to test and compensate for these phenomena.

OTDR Users Training (OTDR101)
A one-day course tailored for personnel who will be using OTDRs in day-to-day operation. It introduces students to the concept of using an OTDR for optical fiber testing then progresses to an in-depth coverage of the application software menus and options.

OTDR Train the Trainer (OTDR102)
Designed for trainers and managers, this one-day course is a complete dissection of the OTDR application software, all menus, sub-menus and settings are covered.

NetWorks OTDR Emulation and Reporting Software (NETWORKS)
This one-day course provides participants with in-depth description of all features and reports contained within the NetWorks OTDR Emulation and Reporting software package. Special emphasis is placed on the generation of bi-directional splice loss templates and reports.