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BTS Master

此产品已停产 替换型号: MT8220T

The BTS Master MT8221B has a frequency range of 400 MHz to 4.0 GHz Cable and Antenna Analyzer, 150 kHz to 7.1 GHz Spectrum Analyzer, and 10 MHz to 7.1 GHz Power Meter. It was designed to support 4G standards and installed 2G/3G networks. The MT8221B's platform provides a 20 MHz demodulation capability to support LTE bandwidths from 1.4 to 20 MHz. It also features a 30 MHz Zero-Span IF Output for external demodulation.

  • 频率为 400 MHz 到 4 GHz 的双端口电缆与天线分析仪
  • 频率为 150 kHz 到 7.1 GHz 的频谱分析仪
  • 频率为 10 MHz 到 7.1 GHz 的功率计